Apr. 28th, 2011

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The last few weeks could be summarized as "extremely awkward," Luke decided as he trudged away from Karrde's base and back to his completely repaired X-Wing.

He'd been knocked out because the smuggler had discovered a species called the ysalamir that make little Force-bubbles. The entire planet had been full of them, rendering his training as a Jedi virtually useless.

And then, since this was how his life worked now, he'd been stuffed into a storage locker to be hidden while the Empire paid Karrde a visit to pick up some of the Force-bubble makers. He'd escaped by lock using the components of his fake hand (he was pretty proud of thinking of that) and had stolen a speeder bike and gone off into the (sigh) ysalamiri-invested forest just in time to get smacked with Fandom weird, turn seven years old, crash his speeder and declare his love for Mara Jade, the associate Karrde had sent out to track him down.

She had not been impressed at all. He'd turned back to himself and had spent the next week trying not to get shot as they trudged through the woods while she demanded to know what Force technique allowed him to change his age like that.

They finally made their way back to Karrde's base in time for his comlink to blink with several dozen messages from his father about Fandom Leia's planet exploding. He'd had enough, and very firmly told Karrde that yes, he was leaving and no, Mara, she couldn't kill him today (and that was going to be a problem to bite him in the ass later, he could feel it), and headed back to Fandom as fast as his ship could take him.


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