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Luke had been staring, annoyed, at his comm station for the last half hour. Finally he pulled out his comlink and called Leia.

"Hi, I know you're busy," he said. "How are the wedding plans going?"

He got to listen to a ten minute rant about flowers before getting another word in edgewise.

"Are you having problems getting access to the newsfeeds?" he asked. "I seem to be locked out."

Another pause.

"Huh, that's weird. It started a few days ago--it's like something doesn't want me talking to people over the computer. Not a big deal. I'll find one of the tech guys to help me out."

He clicked his comlink off and stared at the screen again. If only it hadn't frozen on a random online dating site--it wasn't like he'd even meant to click onto it anyway...

[OOC: Had to. Open for phone calls, but his email is currently stuck.]
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So...it turned out the Nightsisters (because what self-respecting group of dark-side Force users didn't have a name with either Night or Doom or Darkness or Shadow or something in it?) were a little more badass than their overly dramatic swooshy outfits and maniacal cackles would lead you to believe.

After Han, Leia, Luke, Teneniel and Isolder broke into the Imperial prison to steal the parts they needed, the hundred-something Nightsisters followed them back to the clan's hold and attacked the thirty Force-users there with some moves Anakin had never mentioned to Luke, including the "squeeze a blood vessel in someone's brain until it pops" maneuver that Luke was on the receiving end of. (And ow, okay? There had been a time as he laid on the grass where he could have sworn the lizards and the bugs around her were offering him their...Force-juice or something to help him heal, but that was insane.)

Due to, well, extreme trauma, the rest of what happened was a little fuzzy to Luke, but he was pretty sure he'd managed to both pilot and fire all of the guns of the Falcon simultaneously, and knocked out a series of satellites in order to help break out of the blockade.

Han was the one who'd fired missiles at the Imperial warlord and told him to "kiss his Wookiee" before the guy exploded, though. And that was apparently enough to remind Leia that she didn't really want to marry the Hapan prince, she wanted...well, the scruffy-looking nerfherder.

Luke wondered if he'd missed the part where Leia had also gotten a concussion, especially when she declared they'd be getting married in six weeks.

...at least he'd make graduation?

[OOC: I DON'T EVEN KNOW, PEOPLE. Courtship of Princess Leia. Not me. At all. I swear.]
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It turned out that the clan of Dathomiri witches Luke and Isolder were taken to was the same one that had offered sanctuary to Han and Leia a few days earlier (Luke would've had Threepio run the odds on the likelihood of that happening, but 1) he didn't care that much and 2) he was avoiding Threepio for as long as possible after the droid performed "The Virtues of King Han Solo", his incredibly earwormy pop song (complete with back-up singers who sounded like Leia and by the stars, Luke wished he was kidding), for him). The problems with the seven of them leaving the planet were several-fold:

If this reads like badfic, it is not my fault. )

[OOC: I hate this book.]
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When Luke had tromped out of the Toola wilderness to receive an emergency transmission from Leia, he'd certainly not thought it would have anything to do with her love life.

Cut for extreme canon stupidity. )

[OOC: No love to The Courtship of Princess Leia for making me have to do this.]
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"As stars live and die! I didn't think you'd be here, Luke!"

Luke grinned across the crowded reception room and made his way over to Wedge, pulling his friend into a backslapping hug. "I wouldn't have missed it for all the Tibanna gas on Bespin. I was a bit late because, quite frankly, the Jedi exhibits your man found in the Galactic Museum are, well, absorbing," he replied. And creepy. He was going to have to talk to his father about some of the exhibits. "I've been chasing all over trying to locate traces of other Jedi, then it turns out a repository of a lot of stuff is on the planet I've been basing my searches out of. While very little of it deals with training, there's a lot of material that lets me piece together some history."

Where Luke makes an offer he doesn't think can be refused. )

[OOC: Yay, back to canon! Dialogue tweaked from the X-Wing novel The Krytos Trap, by Michael Stackpole. Open for phone calls if you want Luke or want him to track down Rogue Squadron members for you to talk to. There's a Mirax running around here somewhere too...]
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Luke was absolutely exhausted. He'd been on the diplomatic corps approved PR run for the last few months, making speeches, shaking hands (and flippers, and other appendages) with more world leaders than he'd known existed, kissing more babies (and hatchlings, and tiny aliens with far too many limbs...) named Luke than he was entirely comfortable with.

And now, if he was honest, he wouldn't be able to tell you what planet he was currently on.

He flipped through his email and grinned when he saw the roster that Wedge had put together for the new Rogue Squadron. "Hello there, other Gavin," he said aloud.

Shh, he was tired. He was allowed to narrate out loud.
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Fresh from his mission to Hanoon (and really, getting instructions from random dead Jedi Masters was never going to be less strange), Luke took a very long shower and decided to check his email.

It had, after all, been a few months. He hoped it wasn't all spam and fanmail based on that stupid holothriller about the battle of Mindor.

[OOC: So very open. Communication from Jaina comes first chronologically!]
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"Wedge," Luke said tiredly, scrubbing his fingers through his hair, "I've already submitted my resignation to Mon Mothma and the Council and they've accepted. It's done. I'm out of the military."

Wedge made a face. "Luke--"

Luke shook his head. "No. After Mindor--no. There are dozens of people who will make better generals than I ever could. It's past time I devote myself to the thing only I can do--restoring the Jedi Order."

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Luke sat on one of the beds in the Falcon hugging Leia and trying to get warm. He felt like it had been years since the Justice had crashed, rather than just days. He closed his eyes as if that would block the feeling of the thousands of deaths he'd witnessed.

The living rock that had killed his crew through slow suffocation had been a living, sentient species. They'd called themselves the Melters, made of a material called meltmassif, and they had been linked to Blackhole through his hideous Shadow Crown. Blackhole had been trying to use them--and the Darkness they generated--to rule the galaxy. Luke sighed regretfully. Why did they always have to be trying to rule the galaxy? Granted, Blackhole's plot took a fun twist in that his body had been failing and he was trying to take over Luke's--and then Leia's, when she had arrived to rescue him--to fulfill his destiny.

Luke was also very tired of the word destiny.

He'd fought the Dark with light, using the Shadow Crown to shine the Force upon every crystal of darkness, and every shadow stormtrooper. He stayed as the exit of the meltmassif triggered their deadman interlocks. And he'd felt every death. It was all he could do for them.

He leaned his head against Leia's shoulder, hearing the Melter's voice reverberating in his head as they thought they were spending their last moments together (before Han's insane rescue, and somehow, Luke realized, he should have expected that). Unlike the Knights of old, Jedi Luke Skywalker...you are not afraid of the dark.

"I want to go home," Luke murmured, feeling a hundred years older than his 23 years, and at the same time about six years old. Leia stroked his hair. "We'll be back to base in a few hours."

He shook his head. "Fandom," he said softly. "I want to go home. Just for a few days. And then I'm resigning. I make a lousy general."
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Well, crashing into a planet and losing most of his crew had definitely not been on Luke's list of things to do before homecoming (not dead losing, either. Sucked through the floor and disappeared losing. Luke had no idea how that was even possible), and he'd sat around for a little while feeling heartily sorry for himself and out of his depth before remembering he was a Jedi.

Where Luke meets a seriously teal deer baddie. )

[OOC: Did I mention this book is kind of cracky? Dialogue snurched from Matthew Stover's Shadows of Mindor. NFB, NFI, OOC is love.]
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"Unidentified Rebel command cruiser, I am Lord Shadowspawn," the voice intoned through the holoprojection as Luke watched from aboard Justice, his ship. "You have defeated us. I respectfully request permission to board, that I may formally treat for the lives of my men."

Plot be here! )

[OOC: Um. Oops? Taken from Shadows of Mindor, by Matthew Stover. Truncated version of book to follow later!]
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Luke sat as his desk staring at the holoprojection of Mindor, then down at the battle plan Lando had left for him.

He sighed and scrubbed his fingers through his hair. "This is going to get messy," he said to the empty room.

[OOC: Open for emails or phone calls. Shake up the Jedi general before I send him off on plot next week!]
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It still hadn't gotten old, having someone to share a birthday cake with. Granted, it was a slightly stale cake that Wes had dug up from somewhere (Luke had learned the hard way that when Wes said not to ask not to ask), and they were eating it as they packed up to leave yet another temporary headquarters, but still.

Birthday. Yay. He grinned at Leia, then tossed a chunk of cake at her. She rolled her eyes. "You've got to be the younger twin," she decided.

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Luke had been rubbing his eyes for the last, oh, six hours, but it wasn't helping.

His lightsaber and Artoo had been talking trash about him since he woke up to, well, his stuff turning human.

"And really," Artoo continued, "they way he interprets the things I'm saying. I swear..."

Luke groaned and reached for the comlink when it chirped.

"...what do you mean, 'where's my X-Wing?'"
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Luke was waiting in the pastry shop, tearing a croissant apart with his fingers as he waited for his father to arrive.

He was going to get to meet his baby sister today! He concentrated more on the "aww" and less on the "wow, that's kind of weird" aspects of that.

[OOC: So very open.]
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Luke had been far to busy being a general to have anything even approaching a personal life. This hadn't really bothered him, or even registered, until sometime this week, and then it had thumped down on top of him like a Hutt.

What? He still didn't have time to deal with it, so he deflected by thinking of the least sexy similes ever.

He'd finally scraped together a couple of hours of free time, requisitioned an X-Wing and took off to the nearest hole of a cantina where he prayed he wouldn't be recognized. He wasn't exactly...adept...in picking up girls and it would be doubly humiliating if it was in front of someone he knew.

He shouldn't have worried. He was barely halfway through his drink when a Twi'lek female approached him, wearing an outfit that left very little to the imagination, and practically purred his name into his ear. The request she made before dragging him away was enough to set him blushing for weeks, if it also hadn't been, well, kind of what he'd had in mind.

He'd worry about what was wrong with him another time, he decided, following where she led.
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Luke grinned to himself as he typed out a communique to the folks back in Fandom. It'd been far too long since he'd seen them.

To: [The Usual Suspects]
From: Luke Skywalker [farmboy@holonet.net]
Subject: Graduation!

It seems the New Republic can spare their general for a few days--I'm coming back for graduation! Anyone need something from a different galaxy (that isn't a live Ewok)? Have I missed anything good?

...did anyone else turn into a little kid randomly last month, too?


[OOC: If you think you got it, you did!]
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"Eeeeee!" Luke cried, launching himself off of his desk and then racing around the room making TIE fighter noises.

"General Sky--" was as far as Wedge got as he opened the door. "Who are you?" he asked.

"'m Luke!" Luke informed him, nodding. "Hi, Wedge!"

"..." Wedge said.

"Wanna play?" Luke asked. "We can play Rebels 'n Imp'reals 'n then Hutts 'n P'rates and then we can go flying!"

"I'm getting Leia," Wedge decided. "Don't go anywhere."

This was going to be a long weekend.
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Luke had spent most of the day--at her insistence--with Miss Patty, who had filled him in on all of the gossip.

Luke had decided, if he ever got back to his version of the world, that he would never, ever, ever stop teasing Rory about a version of her who stole yachts and dropped out of college.

Because really. Like she'd do that.
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Luke had been heading to yet another meeting (and he really had no idea why the other generals, most of whom had multiple decades on him, were paying any attention to what he had to say) when a portal he hadn't scheduled caught him in the middle of the hallway and dumped him into a snowdrift.

Luke brushed the icicles out of his hair and glanced around. "What am I doing in Stars Hollow?" he asked rhetorically.

"I have no idea," the stout man standing above him, arms crossed over his chest, replied, "but we have laws around here about people just sitting in snow for no reason."

Luke grinned. "Hi, Taylor."

"...am I supposed to know you?" Taylor replied. "And what is with young people and their hair, and their silly orange jumpsuits and their insistence on not dressing appropriately for the weather..."

Taylor continued talking as Luke looked around, slightly more concerned now. Why was he here? Had his father sent the portal for him without asking? Was the baby all right? "Is Rory here?" he asked, suddenly very worried. Taylor's memory issues could wait. "Did she have the baby really early?"

Taylor's mouth dropped open. "She's pregnant?" he gaped. "I knew that Logan boy was nothing but trouble!"

"Logan?" Luke repeated. "Who's Logan?"

He had a bad feeling about this.


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