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Well, graduation had certainly been...eventful.

And after poking his head out to check that Santorini wasn't a desert or full of things that wanted to eat him, Luke had holed up in his room working on the ceremony for his father and Rory.

For Saturday.

Where had the time gone?

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After being woken up by Amy at entirely too early in the morning, Luke had fled to his room retreated to his room to study and change.

This was going to be a loooong weekend.

It was about to get longer. )
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"And AND AND I flew off of a horse! And off of a table! And my bed! And we tried to get on the shuttle to give cookies to Yoda but this lady stopped us and now Yoda will be green forever! Oh! AND Gavin called me a girl."

Luke had been babbling into his comlink for ten straight minutes.

There was a long pause from the other end. "Okay, who is this really?" Leia asked.

"'s Luke," Luke replied. "Still."

There was another pause, then a prolonged laughing fit. "Is Artoo taking holos?" she asked.

"Yes," Luke said, "and now I have to go. I'm gonna call Daddy and Daddy's fancy in Connect-the-cat."

Leia was still laughing when Luke ended the call and called Anakin.
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After last night's...terrible, terrible experience in the common room, Luke was planning on a nice, relaxing night in his room.

Under his covers.


Artoo, on the other hand, was at Luke's desk making many, many CDs of the performance.

He'd also propped the door open when Luke wasn't paying attention. Evil droid.

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Luke was laying on his bed staring at the ceiling.

Not that he was afraid to close his eyes or anything. Um. Much.

But he hadn't ended up eaten or in the clinic, which meant that the mission, as far as Luke was concerned, was a win. And if he kept glancing towards the open door, waiting for a certain member of an away team to show back up, well, you couldn't really blame him.

A hyperactive vampire puppy had taken up residence on his stomach, deciding that it was the perfect place for a nap.

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The Moth - Aimee Mann
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Luke tossed his bag onto his bed as Artoo made concerned little noises and circled around him.

"I'm fine," Luke told him for the hundredth time. "The med droid wouldn't have let me go otherwise." He smiled. "And neither would Jo or Leia. It's just a little scrape."

Artoo let out a low whistle that showed Luke how unconvinced he was about that.

Luke peeked into the mirror. "You can hardly tell," he said, running his finger down the new scars on his face.

Stupid wampa.

He flopped down onto the bed and started catching up on the holodramas Leia had loaned him. The door was open.

Blood Brothers - Color Green
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Luke was packing up a travel bag and smiling over at his comlink periodically. Wedge had written--rumor had gotten around about Luke coming back for a visit--and asked if he wanted to be included in an operation the Rogues were heading out on in the next few days.

Seeing Leia and getting to fly in an X-Wing. Luke saw no bad here.

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After spending three days being electrocuted (annoying) and getting a wall dropped on him (more annoying), Luke had wanted nothing more than to go home.

So after whining at convincing Katara to let him out of the clinic, he was now sprawled carefully on his bed, trying not to lay on anything that was too bruised (lost cause) and trying to convince Artoo to show him a decent holodrama.

Artoo was insisting that "Tiger!" was a decent holodrama.

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Luke was on the floor painting his new egg son bright orange. Ever now and then he'd sigh and stare up at the ceiling.

"Vladdie, there's really no reason to stay up there," he said.

Vladdie disagreed.

Over in his turtle tank, Yoda was equally upset, but being a turtle, it was tougher to tell.

The door was open.
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Luke hated everything.

It wasn't bad enough he'd spent the weekend as some kind of cackling villain, nooooo. He'd managed to kidnap someone who'd turned into his mother, gotten caught by two guys wearing tights and had woken up in jail.

...Where his father had bailed him out, then delivered a lecture loud enough to be heard all over the island as he was dragged back to the dorm by his ear.

He rubbed at it sulkily. "Like I would've kidnapped Padmé if I hadn't been insane," he whined to Artoo. "And why do I need to tell John to update his will?"

He buried his head under his pillow with a sigh, wondering if it was possible to never, ever come out again.

It would have been more effective if Artoo hadn't made sure the door was open.

Won't Give In - The Finn Brothers
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Luke woke up way, way late for him, feeling terrible.

This wasn't improved when he caught a look at himself in the mirror.

"Where did that come from?" he asked, poking at a zit on his nose.

And one in his eyebrow.

His lower lip trembled. "What did I do to deserve this?" he whined, reaching for his bedspread and wrapping it around himself.

Like he was getting out of pajamas today. Please.

Please Call Me Baby - Tom Waits
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After an interesting conversation with his father early in the morning, Luke had gone for a long run.

And then an even longer session alone with the punching bag.

And then he'd tried some meditation.

Now? He'd spread parts to a small droid out all over the floor, back carefully turned away from the half of the room that was supposed to have a Z in it, and fiddled around with electronics.

Loud Corellian rock was blaring from his stereo and out through the open door.

If you asked him? He was fine.
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It had been a long, long, long few days.

After getting Anakin back home--he'd absolutely refused to stay near "that cot or that damn Jedi one second longer"--Luke finally returned to his room, closed the door softly, then turned out all the lights, curled up in a tight little ball on his bed and burst into tears.

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Bell, Book and Candle - Eddi Reader
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Luke's education on Tatooine had missed a few key points, and Uncle Owen and Aunt Beru hadn't exactly been keen on filling in the details. ("Luke Skywalker, that's how you catch diseases. Stay out of the cantinas.")

But if he and Jo were going to keep moving forward (and he really, really, really hoped so. Dying a virgin would be sad.), he'd need to learn about this sort of thing.

And asking his father was just...a whole conversation he didn't want to have.

So he made a call to someone who was hopefully used to dealing with clueless boys from Tatooine, then stuck Artoo in the closet (no need for him to tape this, thanks) and paced by the door.

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Luke was in his room with the door cracked open a bit as he worked up his courage to deliver the flowers he'd gotten for Jo to her.

Artoo was in the corner letting out squeaks of droid-y amusement as he replayed what he thought of as the greatest hits of Luke's weekend.

Luke wasn't as amused.

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Baker Baker - Tori Amos
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Manly, the World's Most Awesome Stud (did you wake up with two hot chicks yesterday? Did you? No. He didn't think you had.), strutted down the hallway shirtless.

Not because he couldn't find his shirt, mind (although he couldn't), but because you should be so lucky to see his awesome body. Because it was awesome.

Pay no attention to the part where the jeans he was in seemed to be meant for someone almost a foot taller than he was. Manly certainly had.

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Luke was practicing his Jedi skills.

Or surrounded by glitter and looking frustrated.

It was kind of hard to tell the difference.

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Luke had decided that since he'd been in his room for a year, it was time to finally put up evidence that he lived there. Since he didn't have stuff, that took the form of photographs and holos of friends: he, Han and Leia right after the first Death Star, he and Wedge drunk later that same night, he, Rikku and Dawn looking giggly and high on sugar, he and Jaina, he and Rory, he and Tori...he and Z.

There weren't any photographs of him and his father (those were stuffed into a drawer at the moment) and he kept taking down Artoo's offering of a holo of him and Gavin believing they were Siegfried and Roy.

Corellian rock music was playing and the door was open. If he was caught staring off into space, well, he might've been reliving parts of last week's date with Jo.

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Despite his best intentions and his promise to Rikku, Luke still found himself spending a lot more time alone in his room than normal.

He’d discovered that the amount of effort it took to show the rest of the world how Completely Fine he was during the day was exhausting.

It didn’t help that the entire month of August was like navigating a mined asteroid field: still reeling from Rory’s revelation about his parents, the anniversary of Uncle Owen and Aunt Beru’s deaths hit him like a body blow.

Yesterday had been Alderaan Day back home. He’d pushed past his embarrassment and residual anger at Leia to call and check up, only to be greeted with a clipped “I’m fine,” and an “I’m sure you have more important things to be attending to.” The entire conversation had taken longer to connect than to conduct.

He didn’t blame her: he wasn’t exactly the poster boy for dealing well with issues these days. See also: avoiding thinking about the entire issue by spending most of last night in the common room watching mindless television.

He curled his legs up under him, batted away Artoo’s worried attempts to help, and stared off into nothingness. Today was the anniversary of Ben’s death. A few days from now was Biggs’.

Luke was beginning to wonder if the memories of last August were going to crush him entirely.

Skywalkers and their emotions were never exactly what one would call subtle. )

[That Luke have a conversation with himself is FB, who with and what about not so much.]

Let It Be - The Beatles
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Luke was in his room, sleeves up--the gash on his arm was fading rapidly--surrounded by his tool kit and fiddling with Artoo. If it stopped him from dwelling on other things, well, bonus.

Artoo was not entirely thrilled being used as a distraction.

"Try it again, please," Luke said.

Artoo obligingly began to spit back the beginning of "I Know A Song That Gets On Everybody's Nerves."

"It needs to be higher pitched, louder," Luke said, "and more off-key."

The door was open if anyone was wondering what he was up to.


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