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It turned out that the clan of Dathomiri witches Luke and Isolder were taken to was the same one that had offered sanctuary to Han and Leia a few days earlier (Luke would've had Threepio run the odds on the likelihood of that happening, but 1) he didn't care that much and 2) he was avoiding Threepio for as long as possible after the droid performed "The Virtues of King Han Solo", his incredibly earwormy pop song (complete with back-up singers who sounded like Leia and by the stars, Luke wished he was kidding), for him). The problems with the seven of them leaving the planet were several-fold:

If this reads like badfic, it is not my fault. )

[OOC: I hate this book.]
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Fresh from his mission to Hanoon (and really, getting instructions from random dead Jedi Masters was never going to be less strange), Luke took a very long shower and decided to check his email.

It had, after all, been a few months. He hoped it wasn't all spam and fanmail based on that stupid holothriller about the battle of Mindor.

[OOC: So very open. Communication from Jaina comes first chronologically!]
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Well, crashing into a planet and losing most of his crew had definitely not been on Luke's list of things to do before homecoming (not dead losing, either. Sucked through the floor and disappeared losing. Luke had no idea how that was even possible), and he'd sat around for a little while feeling heartily sorry for himself and out of his depth before remembering he was a Jedi.

Where Luke meets a seriously teal deer baddie. )

[OOC: Did I mention this book is kind of cracky? Dialogue snurched from Matthew Stover's Shadows of Mindor. NFB, NFI, OOC is love.]
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"Unidentified Rebel command cruiser, I am Lord Shadowspawn," the voice intoned through the holoprojection as Luke watched from aboard Justice, his ship. "You have defeated us. I respectfully request permission to board, that I may formally treat for the lives of my men."

Plot be here! )

[OOC: Um. Oops? Taken from Shadows of Mindor, by Matthew Stover. Truncated version of book to follow later!]
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Luke had really, really hoped that the hat that had arrived on his head would go unnoticed today.

That dream had died when Wedge had walked into the office to talk about coordination between Luke's group and Lando's on a new mission. His friend had been unable to hold in his laughter, his XO Wes had heard it, and Luke had had a steady stream of people who really didn't need to be dropping off their reports in person for the rest of the afternoon.

Lando finally popped his head in to see what all of the fuss was about. "Is this the general's hat your friends were promising?" he asked. "It doesn't do anything for your coloring. Tell them to send me one. I'll make it look good."

Luke dropped his head onto his desk and sighed.

Lando laughed. "And tell the one with the legs to call me," he added.
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"Artoo, I swear that if you play Luke Skywalker and the Dragon of Tatooine one more time, I will lock you in a room with Threepio and tell him that you want to hear his list of six million forms of communication," Luke snapped, looking up from his computer.

Artoo let out a low whistle.

"No, you can't sell copies to my friends, either," Luke replied.

Which reminded him...

To: [usual suspects]
From: farmboy@holonet.com
RE: About that retirement thing...

About a month back, I resigned my commission from the Rogues, figuring I could do more good restoring the Jedi if my time wasn't being taken up being a snubjockey for one the most annoying squadrons in the galaxy (I say with love, Jaina and Gavin. Not so much love if you've hacked into my communications, Janson...). Turns out that I wasn't exactly resigning from the military as I'd planned.

They promoted me. I'm now General Skywalker, in charge of the New Republic (we have a new name! How spiffy are we?) Rapid Response Task Force.


So. How are you all?


PS: If Artoo tries to get you to buy one of several (sigh) movies that have been made about me, DON'T DO IT.
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Artoo had spent the evening dragging the rest of Luke's stuff onto the shuttle and prepping it for takeoff, so when Luke came trotting up to the shuttle in the early morning hours, there wasn't a way to stall for time.

For once, Luke was unhappy with Artoo's efficiency.

He ran a hand through his hair, cast one last look in the direction of the cabins, then blew out a breath and walked up the ramp.

"Let's go home, Artoo," he said quietly.

A few minutes later, even the contrail the shuttle had left in its wake had disappeared.

[OOC: And Luke's off for a galaxy far, far away. It's been a blast.]
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Luke was laying on his bed staring at the ceiling.

Not that he was afraid to close his eyes or anything. Um. Much.

But he hadn't ended up eaten or in the clinic, which meant that the mission, as far as Luke was concerned, was a win. And if he kept glancing towards the open door, waiting for a certain member of an away team to show back up, well, you couldn't really blame him.

A hyperactive vampire puppy had taken up residence on his stomach, deciding that it was the perfect place for a nap.

[OOC: Post is totally open, yay!]

The Moth - Aimee Mann
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It turned out that the mission to Mustafar had been kind of a waste of fuel.

It'd taken the folks in Intelligence months to crack the coding around a captured Imperial file that mentioned the planet, so they'd figured that it must have held a weapons cache of some kind.

A dozen snubfighters had blasted into the system to discover...nothing. Well, a lot of volcanoes, but other than that nothing.

"I don't get it," Wes complained when they'd finally landed on Hoth to refuel. "Who puts that much effort into trying to make a planet that boring disappear?"

Luke shrugged, half to keep warm, half in agreement. "Is there a colder spot in the galaxy?" he asked Wedge in an undertone as his teeth beginning to chatter. "Seriously. This is a ball of ice."

Wedge laughed. "You missed the first time we were here," he said. "Bespin's close, too, but it has a nasty Imp infestation we're trying to avoid. Unfortunately Hoth gets better. We have to go out in the cold and put up sensors to make sure no one's sneaking up on us."

Ten voices behind them spoke in unison, "Not it!"

"Sorry, my friend," Wedge said, clapping Luke on the shoulder. "Do you mind?"

"Of course not!" Luke lied, climbing onto a tauntaun and heading outside. "Why would a guy from a planet with two suns mind being sent outside on the coldest planet in the history of anything?" he whined to himself when he was safely out of earshot. He slammed one of the sensors into the snow. "I love it when my nose might fall off."

The wind was blowing in the wrong direction for him to hear the wampa approaching, and the little prickle the Force sent him as a warning was hidden among all of his shivers.

The last thing he saw before everything went black were claws.
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Luke's hand kept straying back to the lightsaber at his waist as he glanced over at Jo while they walked through the quiet town. "So what are we going to do with him if we find him?" he asked quietly.

I Alone - Live
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It had been a long, long, long few days.

After getting Anakin back home--he'd absolutely refused to stay near "that cot or that damn Jedi one second longer"--Luke finally returned to his room, closed the door softly, then turned out all the lights, curled up in a tight little ball on his bed and burst into tears.

[OOC: Mostly establishy, and eventually a link drop.]

Bell, Book and Candle - Eddi Reader
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Luke bit his lip as the Earth finally began to fill the window in front of him.

The trip back had been a long, quiet one.

His father had disappeared into the back of the shuttle and hadn't spoken more than three words together the entire time.

Luke was exhausted and worried, but he knew that there was someone else who would be equally exhausted and worried. As soon as they were in range, he picked up his comlink and made a call.

Rory needed to know what had happened.

Of course he called Rory. Are you new? )

[OOC: Preplayed with the lovely [livejournal.com profile] rory__gilmore, no IC interaction possible. That Anakin is back--very much for broadcast. The conversations? Not so much.]
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A Jedi does not think, he knows.

Yoda's words rang in Luke's ears as he made his way towards the Imperial stronghold.

He blew out a slow, calming breath, and then approached the nearest Stormtrooper. "I'm here to surrender," he said, spreading his hands.

The Stormtrooper tilted his helmet, clearly confused, then slapped Luke into restraints.

"It's your lucky day, Rebel scum," the trooper told him. "Darth Vader himself is on his way down."

"I know," Luke said quietly. The trooper snorted. "Sure you did," he said.

Luke was gambling everything he had, everything he was, on his belief that his father could come back. He walked into the building with his shoulders straight and his head high.

It was time to see if he was right.

And lo, Return of the Jedi happened. Yeah, all the way to the end. Ye be warned. )

[OOC: Preplayed, so no IC interaction possible. OOC feedback rather desperately craved. *sniffles*]
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After the third recitation of Threepio's history of the Alliance, Luke had to get some air.

He slipped out and stared down towards the forest bottom a hundred feet below them, trying to screw up the courage to do something potentially stupid.

Leia's voice came from behind him almost immediately. "Luke? What's troubling you?"

He bit back a wry smile. Of course she'd picked up on that. It was their father in her.

But the other half would be easier to talk about.

"Leia," he said, turning to face her. "Do you remember about your mother? Your real mother?"

Maybe she'd gone with Leia. Vader had never said. Neither had Ben.

Leia gave him a confused look. She didn't, but he seemed to want to know so badly..."Just a little bit. She died when I was very young."

That's what her father had told her.

Luke's eyes lit up. "What do you remember?"

Crap. Leia hedged. "Just images, really. Feelings."

"Tell me," Luke insisted.

"She was very beautiful," Leia said, keeping it general. "Kind...but sad." Something else her father had told her. "Why are you asking me about this?"

Luke sighed and stared off into the mist. "I have no memory of my mother," he said, his tone without accusation. He knew Leia had been making most of her memories up. "I never knew her."

Leia bit her lip. "Luke, tell me. What's troubling you?"

"Vader's here," Luke said. "On this moon." Or near enough.

The color drained from her face. "How do you know?"

"I felt his presence," Luke said quietly. "He can feel when I'm near. That's why I have to go." He turned to face her. "As long as I stay, I'm endangering the group and our mission here." He swallowed hard. "I have to face him."

Leia blinked. "Why?"

Because I promised Rory. Because it's what Ben wanted. Luke finally went with the absolute truth.

"Because he's my father."

She recoiled. "Your father?"

Luke moved closer. "There's more. It won't be easy for you to hear it, but you must. If I don't make it back, you're the only hope for the Alliance."

Leia stepped away. "Luke, don't talk that way. You have a power I--I don't understand." She smiled nervously. "And could never have."

He shook his head. "You're wrong, Leia. You have that power too. In time...you'll learn to use it as I have." He took a deep breath. "The Force is strong in my family. My father has it...I have it..." he looked into Leia's eyes..."And my sister has it."

Leia stared back, realization slowly dawning in her eyes.

"It's you, Leia," Luke said quietly.

"I know," she replied, voice sounding far away even to her own ears. "Somehow...I've always known."

Luke nodded. "Then you know why I have to go," he said.

"No!" she said sharply. "Luke, run away! Far away. If he can feel your presence, then leave this place. I wish I could go with you."

Luke was reminded sharply of Rory only a few days before. He shook his head.

"Why must you confront him?" Leia asked, holding back tears.

"Because...there is good in him. I've felt it. He won't turn me over to the Emperor. I can save him. I can turn him back to the good side." Luke shrugged. "I have to try."

Leia flung herself at him, holding on for a long moment before finally letting go.

There was really nothing left to say.
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Luke landed his X-Wing and trotted through the corridors of the Mon Cal cruiser until he reached the briefing room, arriving just in time to hear Leia's voice, full of laughter and pride say, "General? Count me in."

He walked into the room.

"I'm with you too!" he called, taking the stairs two at a time.

Leia wrapped him in a hug. "You made it," she whispered.

Luke hugged her back, holding onto tightly.

After a moment, she pulled back. "What's wrong?" she asked, eyebrows furrowing.

"Ask me later," Luke replied, then turned to greet Han and Lando.

"Um, where are we going?" he asked.


Endor, it turned out. Leia filled him in on the rest of Mon Mothma's briefing as they flew towards the sanctuary moon, preparing to bluff their way through the Imperial shield.

Luke's attention shifted abruptly from Leia's instructions to the Superstar Destroyer they flew past. "Vader's on that ship," he said softly.

"Don't get jittery," Han said, but his expression tightened. "There are a lot of command ships."

"I'm endangering the mission. I shouldn't have come."

Han turned towards Chewie as the Imperials checked their authorization code. "Keep your distance," he said. "But don't look like you're keeping your distance."

Chewie's reply made it clear precisely unhelpful he'd found that bit of advice.

"I don't know!" Han retorted. "Fly casual."

Luke was afraid for a moment that Leia's eyeroll was going to cause her some kind of trauma, which distracted him from stressing out about getting past the defense screen.

"They bought it?" he said as they flew towards the moon.

"Told you it would work!" Han crowed.

Luke held in a sigh. That had been the easy part. It was going to be a long few days before the fleet arrived.

Alliance Assembly - John Williams
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Luke'd had a nagging suspicion in the back of his mind all of yesterday that something was missing.

When he heard the radio, everything snapped into place.

Vader was gone.

After a sleepless night staring at his comlink and wondering if he was being paranoid, he finally called Leia.

"It's me," he began.

He didn't get another word in edgewise for a solid five minutes, but his eyes got wider and wider.

"I'm on my way," he said. "Give me the coordinates." His expression turned stern. "Leia? This time you wait for me. I have something I need to tell you."

He flipped the comlink off with a sigh, then began packing.


He had a bad feeling about this.

[OOC: Posted early because of work of doom tomorrow. SP is love for anyone Luke might've handwavily called to let know he was off to face his destiny home for a bit.]
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Luke, already dressed in his bright orange flight suit, was tossing more clothing into a soft bag in preparation for his trip back to Tatooine later that day.

Artoo was zipping around the room, bringing Luke various items as they caught his interest.

"No," Luke said, sighing, "I'm not going to need another coffee mug."

Artoo tootled.

"I don't care what you've heard about coffee's effectiveness in battle."

The door to the room was open.

[OOC: Come on in! Conversation with Rory NFB.]

History Repeating (featuring Miss Shirley Bassey)
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Luke, completely unaware of Artoo's edits to his messages, stopped his intensive study of the wall by the foot of his bed, took a deep breath and then reached for his comm equipment.

He had some disturbing news to tell Leia. Not the part about her being his sister--that needed to be told in person.

There was no sign of Han here. And there was a project going on at home that was big enough Vader was required to check on its progress. That was never good.

He took another breath, then turned on his comlink.

A few minutes of conversation later and he was back to staring at the wall. "Why did Han have to be on Tatooine?" he whined to the room. "Stupid Jabba."
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Luke was standing on his hands, but he wasn't finding it tremendously helpful as an aid to concentration.

The fact that a Jedi Master was sitting on his feet offering advice while Luke was trying to maintain his own balance as well as the balance of the three rocks and a droid he was levitating probably had something to do with it, too.

Yoda had his eyes closed. )

Sick Cycle Carousel - Lifehouse
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Luke would've liked to blame the new hand or forgetting how to fly with an astromech droid, but the simple truth was that the instrument panel went dead and he ended up crashing the X-Wing into what he soon discovered to be one of the many, many swamps of Dagobah.

And lo, Luke met with a green Muppet and an Obi-Wan who had a lot of explaining to do... )


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