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Artoo had spent the evening dragging the rest of Luke's stuff onto the shuttle and prepping it for takeoff, so when Luke came trotting up to the shuttle in the early morning hours, there wasn't a way to stall for time.

For once, Luke was unhappy with Artoo's efficiency.

He ran a hand through his hair, cast one last look in the direction of the cabins, then blew out a breath and walked up the ramp.

"Let's go home, Artoo," he said quietly.

A few minutes later, even the contrail the shuttle had left in its wake had disappeared.

[OOC: And Luke's off for a galaxy far, far away. It's been a blast.]
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There was water in front of him and stars overhead (if you used your imagination and ignored the clouds), a blanket, and food. And a huge umbrella. Stupid weather ruining his date.

Luke sat on the beach, ignoring the sand, and waited for Jo to arrive.

He was pushing back the thoughts of "last time" through sheer force of will.

[For the girl and up for great SP]
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Luke was putting the last of his belongings into bags and boxes and trying not to be too upset about leaving Fandom forever tomorrow morning.

Outside his alcove, Artoo was selling copies of Fandom's Greatest Humiliations over the last two years for what he felt was a very reasonable price.

Whenever the melancholy threatened to overwhelm Luke, he'd look over at the little droid who'd begin to whistle "Doe, a Deer."

Artoo wasn't big on feeling sorry for yourself.

[OOC: Luke's farewell post! Come say goodbye :(]
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After a productive morning of cleaning up from the wedding and reception--it had been made more productive when he'd learned how to tune out Taylor and Kirk--Luke found himself at loose ends waiting for his father to arrive.

Neither of them were really looking forward to this, but they both knew that by the time Anakin and Rory returned from their honeymoon, Luke would've gone home.

It was time to say goodbye. And despite all of the baggage (mostly Anakin's) and history (again, mostly Anakin's) between them, Luke wasn't looking forward to that conversation at all.


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