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Luke trotted down the hallway, checking his chrono and frowning irritably to himself. He hadn't planned on running this late for his third lesson in teaching Leia how to be a Jedi. With her schedule of constant travel stamping out interstellar conflicts and his as, well, him, it was impressive they'd even managed to be on the same planet for three lessons.

He hoped the second lightsaber he had strapped to his belt would serve as a suitable apology for his tardiness.

Running his hands through his hair, he took a deep breath before ringing the bell. Three seconds later, he was being pulled into a bear hug by his sister. "You made it!" Leia exclaimed. "I thought you'd gotten lost. We were about to send out Rogue Squadron."

Luke laughed. "I'm fifteen minutes behind."

She smiled at him. "I was impatient to see you. Han and I have some very exciting news to tell you."

Luke watched as she and Han exchanged looks, and suddenly he knew.

"You're pregnant!"

Han frowned. "Jedi take all of the fun out of surprises."
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Luke had arrived at Leia's wedding an hour early, in part because he had this niggling fear he'd be dropped off at the Aldereenian consulate or something equally insane (he blamed that on pre-wedding jitters) and in part because he was afraid his father would do something stupid reckless and actually try to show up at this event today.

And an event it was. Thousands of people were jammed into the largest room the consulate possessed--Luke counted himself fortunate to recognize more than fifty of the faces--and the entire ceremony was being broadcast live across the galaxy.

Luke was serving as best man, Threepio as the ringbearer (because Leia had a sense of humor), and the entire ceremony was presided over by Mon Mothma herself. Luke had kept his lightsaber strapped securely to his belt--he'd half-expected someone to do something stupid--but the entire ceremony went off without a hitch, and Leia looked radiantly happy (or at least the portions of her Luke could see through her elaborate headdress).

And Anakin hadn't been there. Luke reminded himself to send Rory something nice. He was sure she'd talked him out of being stupid.
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It turned out that the clan of Dathomiri witches Luke and Isolder were taken to was the same one that had offered sanctuary to Han and Leia a few days earlier (Luke would've had Threepio run the odds on the likelihood of that happening, but 1) he didn't care that much and 2) he was avoiding Threepio for as long as possible after the droid performed "The Virtues of King Han Solo", his incredibly earwormy pop song (complete with back-up singers who sounded like Leia and by the stars, Luke wished he was kidding), for him). The problems with the seven of them leaving the planet were several-fold:

If this reads like badfic, it is not my fault. )

[OOC: I hate this book.]


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