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Luke had been far to busy being a general to have anything even approaching a personal life. This hadn't really bothered him, or even registered, until sometime this week, and then it had thumped down on top of him like a Hutt.

What? He still didn't have time to deal with it, so he deflected by thinking of the least sexy similes ever.

He'd finally scraped together a couple of hours of free time, requisitioned an X-Wing and took off to the nearest hole of a cantina where he prayed he wouldn't be recognized. He wasn't exactly...adept...in picking up girls and it would be doubly humiliating if it was in front of someone he knew.

He shouldn't have worried. He was barely halfway through his drink when a Twi'lek female approached him, wearing an outfit that left very little to the imagination, and practically purred his name into his ear. The request she made before dragging him away was enough to set him blushing for weeks, if it also hadn't been, well, kind of what he'd had in mind.

He'd worry about what was wrong with him another time, he decided, following where she led.
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There was water in front of him and stars overhead (if you used your imagination and ignored the clouds), a blanket, and food. And a huge umbrella. Stupid weather ruining his date.

Luke sat on the beach, ignoring the sand, and waited for Jo to arrive.

He was pushing back the thoughts of "last time" through sheer force of will.

[For the girl and up for great SP]
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Luke had made two trips from his room to carry all of the stuff to celebrate Jo's birthday properly and had piled it carefully outside of her door before running his hands nervously through his hair again, tugging impatiently at the clothing Brooke had picked out for him in Cool class--black t-shirt a little tighter than he was comfortable with and khakis--and then knocked on the door.

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After last night's...terrible, terrible experience in the common room, Luke was planning on a nice, relaxing night in his room.

Under his covers.


Artoo, on the other hand, was at Luke's desk making many, many CDs of the performance.

He'd also propped the door open when Luke wasn't paying attention. Evil droid.

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Luke was laying on his bed staring at the ceiling.

Not that he was afraid to close his eyes or anything. Um. Much.

But he hadn't ended up eaten or in the clinic, which meant that the mission, as far as Luke was concerned, was a win. And if he kept glancing towards the open door, waiting for a certain member of an away team to show back up, well, you couldn't really blame him.

A hyperactive vampire puppy had taken up residence on his stomach, deciding that it was the perfect place for a nap.

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The Moth - Aimee Mann
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Luke had his fingers laced through Jo's, no idea where his mask had gone, and more than a couple of glasses of spiked punch.

He tried twice to open the door with his key before bursting out with a fit of the giggles. "You live here, not me!"
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Luke was standing in front of Jo's door, holding a large bouquet of flowers in his hands because it gave him something to concentrate on.

This had been a brilliant plan until it was time to knock on the door.

"Dammit," he murmured, shifting them over and rapping gently.


[For le girlfriend]
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Luke, hair sticking up in hundred different directions, finally uncurled himself from around Jo and went in search of coffee.

And aspirin.

And ice.

And his shirt, which he was positive he'd started the evening with.

He opened the door to the hallway and blinked, temporarily blinded by the brightness of the hall lights.

[For them that know who they are...]


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