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"As stars live and die! I didn't think you'd be here, Luke!"

Luke grinned across the crowded reception room and made his way over to Wedge, pulling his friend into a backslapping hug. "I wouldn't have missed it for all the Tibanna gas on Bespin. I was a bit late because, quite frankly, the Jedi exhibits your man found in the Galactic Museum are, well, absorbing," he replied. And creepy. He was going to have to talk to his father about some of the exhibits. "I've been chasing all over trying to locate traces of other Jedi, then it turns out a repository of a lot of stuff is on the planet I've been basing my searches out of. While very little of it deals with training, there's a lot of material that lets me piece together some history."

Where Luke makes an offer he doesn't think can be refused. )

[OOC: Yay, back to canon! Dialogue tweaked from the X-Wing novel The Krytos Trap, by Michael Stackpole. Open for phone calls if you want Luke or want him to track down Rogue Squadron members for you to talk to. There's a Mirax running around here somewhere too...]
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Luke had been gone far too long--it honestly hadn't occurred to him that anyone would be interested in his friendly X-Wing race with Wedge, and had been absolutely thunderstruck when Wedge insisted that Luke take over command of Rogue Squadron at the conclusion of their match.

"I didn't even beat him by that much," he protested to Leia, who laughed and ruffled his hair.

"You could've," she said. "You didn't honestly think you were going to come back and become just another pilot, did you?"

Luke's blush was enough of an answer. Leia laughed harder. "You're just going to have to get used to a life of leadership, Commander Skywalker," she teased, kissing his cheek.

Too bad canon decided to screw with him instead )
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Luke trotted through the preserve muttering to himself. "Who gets summoned in the middle of the night by their father to meet in the woods?" he grumbled. "Besides me, of course."

He stepped into the clearing. "Hello?"

If this was an elaborate training exercise, he was going to complain to somebody.
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Luke was bored.

Bored, bored, bored.

After three days, he was tired of staring at the walls. Tired of staring at the ceiling. Tired of being chained up and electrocuted every time he moved. Stupid being kidnapped.

He used the Force to itch his nose, got shocked, then sighed at the other Jedi. "Any ideas how to get out of this?"
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Luke Skywalker
Luke Skywalker
Luke was cutting through the park on his way back from the Perk. It was still entirely too cold for a boy from Tatooine and the call of hot chocolate had been too strong to resist after thinking about it all afternoon since Aly's class.

He probably should have been paying more attention to the niggling sense of danger the Force was sending him, but he wrote it off as squirrels.

Luke should've listened to that bad feeling... )

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After spending some time removing onion dip from Artoo’s internal systems—Force know how that had gotten there—Luke finally reached for his comlink and made a long-delayed transmission.

Leia answered immediately, and Luke chattered happily on about his workshops—and Tori— and some of the new students he’d met, including Bigg’s cousin—and Tori—and why getting bit by a gremlin had been a terrible mistake.

Leia laughed for a solid minute once Luke explained who Siegfried and Roy were. “It sounds like you’re settling right back in,” she said.

Luke nodded, then took a deep breath. “There’s something I need to tell you,” he said quietly. “I shouldn’t have taken this long to do it.”

“What happened to the shuttle?” Leia asked immediately, eyebrows flying up.

“Nothing,” Luke said, “but when I came back to Fandom, I wasn’t alone.”

Then he told her who’d been with him.

Leia’s momentary silence was the dangerous calm of the Tatooine desert before a wind storm kicked up.

He’s WHAT?! You WHAT?! You waited how long to tell me?!” she exploded, her voice loud enough to be heard down the hallway.

Artoo moaned and rolled into Luke’s closet.

Luke chewed on his lower lip. “I was wrong,” he said quietly.

“’Wrong’ doesn’t come close to describing this, Luke Skywalker,” Leia spat, her image going in and out of his view as she paced. “He stood there on the Death Star and did nothing as Ald…he put Han into…He’s alive?!

Her eyes finally focused on Luke’s and the anger in them made him flinch backwards. “I’m coming to see him,” she said, every inch the icy royal. “I’ll be there on Friday. We’ll talk about this more when I arrive.”

Her image shut off abruptly and Luke let out a deep sigh.

“I have a bad feeling about this,” he muttered.

From the closet, Artoo wibbled his agreement.

[OOC: Leia was loud, ya'll. Feel free to knock on the door.]
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Luke was standing on his hands, but he wasn't finding it tremendously helpful as an aid to concentration.

The fact that a Jedi Master was sitting on his feet offering advice while Luke was trying to maintain his own balance as well as the balance of the three rocks and a droid he was levitating probably had something to do with it, too.

Yoda had his eyes closed. )

Sick Cycle Carousel - Lifehouse
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As Luke wiped the sweat from his eyes, he wondered—and not for the first time—if it had really been worth convincing Yoda to let him learn how to be a Jedi.

He felt like he'd hardly had time to breathe since Yoda's cryptic reply of "you will be" to his assertions that he wasn't afraid.

And then Luke learned about prophecy and lightsaber combat. And bugs. )
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Luke would've liked to blame the new hand or forgetting how to fly with an astromech droid, but the simple truth was that the instrument panel went dead and he ended up crashing the X-Wing into what he soon discovered to be one of the many, many swamps of Dagobah.

And lo, Luke met with a green Muppet and an Obi-Wan who had a lot of explaining to do... )
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Leia was waiting for Luke when he was finally released from the bacta tank.

"You'll never do that again, right?" she said. "Tell me that you won't go up against Darth Vader on your own with a lightsaber and only the vaguest idea of how to work it?"

Luke pouted. "I know how it works," he protested weakly.

Leia crossed her arms over her chest and glared at him. "Do I need to point to the med-droid who just gave you a new hand, Luke?"

Luke sighed. "No."

Leia looked at him for a long moment, then reached over and gave Luke a crushing hug. "Don't scare me like that again," she whispered fiercely in his ear. "I don't like coming back to a hundred frantic messages from you checking up on me and then finding out you tried to kill a Sith Lord by yourself."

Luke's face tightened. "I won't be trying that any time soon," he said finally, "but I have to go."

"Because the ghost of Ben Kenobi told you so?" Leia repeated, looking deeply skeptical. "We don't know what kind of pain killers they had you on in that clinic, Luke."

"He was real," Luke insisted, not for the first time. "And I have to go."

Leia sighed. "You're taking Artoo with you."

Luke blinked. "I am?"

"Someone needs to be able to fly the next time you get yourself into trouble," Leia said with a fond smile and a kiss on his forehead. "The rest of us are heading to the new rendezvous point. Take the ship—and Artoo—when you're cleared for duty." Her eyes darkened. "And call me if anything goes wrong. At the Falcon."

Luke blushed. "Because the comlink signals are blocked from space when you're hiding so the Empire can't find you," he recited sheepishly. "I'll remember next time."

Leia tousled his hair and kissed him again. "Be careful," she said.

Luke nodded. "I will be."

She gave him another lingering look then left the clinic.

Luke blew out a breath. Maybe Artoo would know where the Dagobah system was.
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After convincing Doctor Goodchild to let him out, Luke made his way back to the dorms.

To say that it had been a shitty couple of days was downplaying things to an almost ridiculous degree.

With a tired sigh, he unlocked the door to his room and began packing a few things, then changed into his flight suit.

Exactly how he was going to fly with one hand was something he hadn't figured out yet.

Stupid cryptic Force-ghosts and their stupid cryptic instructions.

He was so focused on what he was doing that he hadn't realized he'd left the door cracked open.

ETA to avoid spamming the flist... Several hours later, after dropping Yoda off with Rory and swearing he was coming back, Luke made his way to the X-Wing. The take off was wobbly, the approach into atmosphere more so, but he was adapting quickly. A few minutes later and even the exhaust streaks in the sky had blown away.

Luke was heading home. Master Yoda had a lot of questions to answer.

Here Comes The Flood - Peter Gabriel
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Luke had been up around dawn and had perched himself on his bed where he could see out the window and look at the clouds--clouds! He couldn't see the sun!--with a small smile on his face.

He'd say he was practicing the meditation thing his father had been so fond of. He was really just daydreaming.

[OOC: Locked to the dark, hulking mouth breather. Nebulous vision-thing with permission of the gracious [livejournal.com profile] onceaking.]

Carry On Wayward Son - Kansas
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Luke hadn't been able to fall back to sleep after the dream...vision...thing he'd had last night.

He sat curled up in his blankets on his bed and watched the sun rise. Seeing just the one hadn't gotten less bizarre.

He'd skipped the party last night; he didn't really get the idea behind Halloween, hadn't had a costume anyway and had been a bit tired from learning how to swim (or at least how to keep from drowning). Besides, he'd already been social at the bonfire--s'mores were the best thing ever, he'd decided, though hot chocolate also sounded intriguing--and he needed to find a non-pink hat to wear before it got much colder. He'd also had fun talking with Lyra, Molly, Aeryn and John at Rory's birthday.

John. Luke stared out into space again, thinking back to last night. Had it been real? Could Jedi do something like that?

How would he bring it up in conversation anyway? "Hey, Aeryn, how's John's mother? Still alive and stuff?"

Too creepy. Bordering on "Mimas looks like the Death Star" creepy. He picked up the copy of The Art of War he'd borrowed from the library, and began flipping through the pages, hoping for a distraction.

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Sick Cycle Carousel - Lifehouse
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It was amazing how much Luke's mood had improved by having someone from home visiting.

That it was Leia who was smokin' gorgeous such a good friend, only made it better. And she had gotten along with Rory, too! After a quick breakfast with Leia, Luke came back to his room to drop off the gift she had helped to pick out for Rory's birthday.

Now he was sitting around and catching his breath for a moment.

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