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"And AND AND I flew off of a horse! And off of a table! And my bed! And we tried to get on the shuttle to give cookies to Yoda but this lady stopped us and now Yoda will be green forever! Oh! AND Gavin called me a girl."

Luke had been babbling into his comlink for ten straight minutes.

There was a long pause from the other end. "Okay, who is this really?" Leia asked.

"'s Luke," Luke replied. "Still."

There was another pause, then a prolonged laughing fit. "Is Artoo taking holos?" she asked.

"Yes," Luke said, "and now I have to go. I'm gonna call Daddy and Daddy's fancy in Connect-the-cat."

Leia was still laughing when Luke ended the call and called Anakin.
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After last night's...terrible, terrible experience in the common room, Luke was planning on a nice, relaxing night in his room.

Under his covers.


Artoo, on the other hand, was at Luke's desk making many, many CDs of the performance.

He'd also propped the door open when Luke wasn't paying attention. Evil droid.

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It had been a long, long, long few days.

After getting Anakin back home--he'd absolutely refused to stay near "that cot or that damn Jedi one second longer"--Luke finally returned to his room, closed the door softly, then turned out all the lights, curled up in a tight little ball on his bed and burst into tears.

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Bell, Book and Candle - Eddi Reader
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Luke and Karal stood in front of the vending machines, frantically scanning the selections for grains they could throw at the bride and groom.

"Trail mix, maybe?" Luke finally asked.
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Somewhere between many, many shots (some of them at a dart board!) and a Brilliant Plan involving a horse, Luke had veered off from the rest of the group and passed out in the stables.

"Guys?" he mumbled in his sleep, burrowing deeper into the hay, "is this about my third arm? Cause I really can't see it."

His head banged up against the wood of the stall. "Ow," he said, sitting up, then grabbed his head and moaned. "Owwwwww."

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