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"Yes, really," Luke was saying to his father over the comlink. "Leia and the babies are both doing fine, according to the meddroid, and they'll be born in a few months."

There was a pause.

"No, I'm not going to tell Han you said that."

Another pause.

"Or that."

And another pause.

"And that's not even physically possible--" he went pale as the voice on the other end continued, "all right, so it is, but you're not going to do that to your son-in-law."

He smiled. "No, no one thinks you're old." Mostly because they thought Anakin was dead, but details. "You're just going to be a grandfather. Okay, okay. Give Juliet and Rory my love. Bye, Dad."

Luke disconnected the call and shook his head, Surprisingly, that had gone better than he'd expected.

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Luke trotted down the hallway, checking his chrono and frowning irritably to himself. He hadn't planned on running this late for his third lesson in teaching Leia how to be a Jedi. With her schedule of constant travel stamping out interstellar conflicts and his as, well, him, it was impressive they'd even managed to be on the same planet for three lessons.

He hoped the second lightsaber he had strapped to his belt would serve as a suitable apology for his tardiness.

Running his hands through his hair, he took a deep breath before ringing the bell. Three seconds later, he was being pulled into a bear hug by his sister. "You made it!" Leia exclaimed. "I thought you'd gotten lost. We were about to send out Rogue Squadron."

Luke laughed. "I'm fifteen minutes behind."

She smiled at him. "I was impatient to see you. Han and I have some very exciting news to tell you."

Luke watched as she and Han exchanged looks, and suddenly he knew.

"You're pregnant!"

Han frowned. "Jedi take all of the fun out of surprises."
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Luke had arrived at Leia's wedding an hour early, in part because he had this niggling fear he'd be dropped off at the Aldereenian consulate or something equally insane (he blamed that on pre-wedding jitters) and in part because he was afraid his father would do something stupid reckless and actually try to show up at this event today.

And an event it was. Thousands of people were jammed into the largest room the consulate possessed--Luke counted himself fortunate to recognize more than fifty of the faces--and the entire ceremony was being broadcast live across the galaxy.

Luke was serving as best man, Threepio as the ringbearer (because Leia had a sense of humor), and the entire ceremony was presided over by Mon Mothma herself. Luke had kept his lightsaber strapped securely to his belt--he'd half-expected someone to do something stupid--but the entire ceremony went off without a hitch, and Leia looked radiantly happy (or at least the portions of her Luke could see through her elaborate headdress).

And Anakin hadn't been there. Luke reminded himself to send Rory something nice. He was sure she'd talked him out of being stupid.
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Luke had been gone far too long--it honestly hadn't occurred to him that anyone would be interested in his friendly X-Wing race with Wedge, and had been absolutely thunderstruck when Wedge insisted that Luke take over command of Rogue Squadron at the conclusion of their match.

"I didn't even beat him by that much," he protested to Leia, who laughed and ruffled his hair.

"You could've," she said. "You didn't honestly think you were going to come back and become just another pilot, did you?"

Luke's blush was enough of an answer. Leia laughed harder. "You're just going to have to get used to a life of leadership, Commander Skywalker," she teased, kissing his cheek.

Too bad canon decided to screw with him instead )
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Luke had been late to his final training session with his father: setting up logistics with Leia for his trip back home had taken longer than he thought.

Any doubts he might've had about Anakin understanding the importance of the day were erased when his father began talking immediately and babbled through a lifetime of Jedi teachings for four straight hours.

Luke had never heard Anakin talk so much.

"The comm will work, you know," he'd said gently.

"It didn't when I went back," Anakin had replied. "I don't want you to be unprepared."

Then he'd lectured for another hour about meditation techniques, and using the Force to fly, and hibernation, and healing, and places to look for Force-sensitive beings. It would have been funny if Anakin hadn't been so deadly serious about the entire thing.

After a lightsaber practice session that'd lasted far too long--neither had been willing to think about last times, and they'd always been more at their best when facing each other with blades instead--Anakin had told Luke to meet him on the roof of MCA.

So that's where Luke was, breeze shifting his robe around him as he waited for his father to reappear.

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"And AND AND I flew off of a horse! And off of a table! And my bed! And we tried to get on the shuttle to give cookies to Yoda but this lady stopped us and now Yoda will be green forever! Oh! AND Gavin called me a girl."

Luke had been babbling into his comlink for ten straight minutes.

There was a long pause from the other end. "Okay, who is this really?" Leia asked.

"'s Luke," Luke replied. "Still."

There was another pause, then a prolonged laughing fit. "Is Artoo taking holos?" she asked.

"Yes," Luke said, "and now I have to go. I'm gonna call Daddy and Daddy's fancy in Connect-the-cat."

Leia was still laughing when Luke ended the call and called Anakin.
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Luke tossed his bag onto his bed as Artoo made concerned little noises and circled around him.

"I'm fine," Luke told him for the hundredth time. "The med droid wouldn't have let me go otherwise." He smiled. "And neither would Jo or Leia. It's just a little scrape."

Artoo let out a low whistle that showed Luke how unconvinced he was about that.

Luke peeked into the mirror. "You can hardly tell," he said, running his finger down the new scars on his face.

Stupid wampa.

He flopped down onto the bed and started catching up on the holodramas Leia had loaned him. The door was open.

Blood Brothers - Color Green
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Luke was packing up a travel bag and smiling over at his comlink periodically. Wedge had written--rumor had gotten around about Luke coming back for a visit--and asked if he wanted to be included in an operation the Rogues were heading out on in the next few days.

Seeing Leia and getting to fly in an X-Wing. Luke saw no bad here.

[OOC: Door's open for a bit until he heads home!]


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