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After spending time in the flight sim with John dying over Coruscant, Luke had raced back to the dorms to get ready for his date with Jo.

He checked the inside of the shuttle, not at all surprised to find that it was completely spotless, and poked around a bit with the food replicator.

And then had an argument with Artoo, who was under the mistaken impression he would be joining Luke and Jo on the date. Luke blamed his father for that idea.

He sent Artoo--grumbling electronically--back home, then waited for Jo. He only bounced on his toes a little bit.


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Luke's education on Tatooine had missed a few key points, and Uncle Owen and Aunt Beru hadn't exactly been keen on filling in the details. ("Luke Skywalker, that's how you catch diseases. Stay out of the cantinas.")

But if he and Jo were going to keep moving forward (and he really, really, really hoped so. Dying a virgin would be sad.), he'd need to learn about this sort of thing.

And asking his father was just...a whole conversation he didn't want to have.

So he made a call to someone who was hopefully used to dealing with clueless boys from Tatooine, then stuck Artoo in the closet (no need for him to tape this, thanks) and paced by the door.

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Luke didn't have class today, so he saw absolutely no reason to leave his room.

This decision would've been a lot easier if Artoo hadn't chosen to spend the day there as well, singing "I Think I Love You."

"Yeah, yeah, you're terribly funny," Luke retorted, tossing a pillow at him and staring at the ceiling, still trying to get a handle on the people he'd seen over the weekend, and what he'd figured out about Jaina's version of Han.

He could use a distraction.
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Luke was in his room with the door cracked open a bit as he worked up his courage to deliver the flowers he'd gotten for Jo to her.

Artoo was in the corner letting out squeaks of droid-y amusement as he replayed what he thought of as the greatest hits of Luke's weekend.

Luke wasn't as amused.

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