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After spending three days being electrocuted (annoying) and getting a wall dropped on him (more annoying), Luke had wanted nothing more than to go home.

So after whining at convincing Katara to let him out of the clinic, he was now sprawled carefully on his bed, trying not to lay on anything that was too bruised (lost cause) and trying to convince Artoo to show him a decent holodrama.

Artoo was insisting that "Tiger!" was a decent holodrama.

[OOC: Door is closed but knockable.]
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Luke was bored.

Bored, bored, bored.

After three days, he was tired of staring at the walls. Tired of staring at the ceiling. Tired of being chained up and electrocuted every time he moved. Stupid being kidnapped.

He used the Force to itch his nose, got shocked, then sighed at the other Jedi. "Any ideas how to get out of this?"
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Luke Skywalker
Luke Skywalker
Luke was cutting through the park on his way back from the Perk. It was still entirely too cold for a boy from Tatooine and the call of hot chocolate had been too strong to resist after thinking about it all afternoon since Aly's class.

He probably should have been paying more attention to the niggling sense of danger the Force was sending him, but he wrote it off as squirrels.

Luke should've listened to that bad feeling... )

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As Luke wiped the sweat from his eyes, he wondered—and not for the first time—if it had really been worth convincing Yoda to let him learn how to be a Jedi.

He felt like he'd hardly had time to breathe since Yoda's cryptic reply of "you will be" to his assertions that he wasn't afraid.

And then Luke learned about prophecy and lightsaber combat. And bugs. )
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Luke'd had a very long week.

He hadn't meant to traumatize almost every student he met (and there had been a lot of them), but he was still trying to wrap his head around the idea of his father being here a week ago. Pictures had helped, and the stories that people had begun telling him had been wonderful--Rory'd been especially great--but Luke was tired. (The gremlin show had been beyond strange, too. And that wasn't even counting the toaster. And the pink...thing. Or everyone who looked exactly the same.)

He'd begun wincing every time someone asked 'any relation?' at his last name. With the exception of Bel who'd told him that his father had been an ass--not exactly reassuring--everyone else seemed to take the loss of Anakin very, very hard.

Even classes hadn't been much of a respite (he'd managed to freak out Ms. Gilmore-Danes and the guy with the mask in Criminal Justice had given him a heart attack), though they'd introduced him to Teddy. Meeting a fellow newbie had been a relief (and Jello was neat! And jiggly!). And he was in a cool new club called NUKE. He wasn't planning on going out to Caritas with Parker any time soon, though. There was something in her eyes...besides, she'd told him not to jump off the roof. Who jumped off roofs for fun?

He flipped onto his back and stared at the ceiling tiles. At least he wasn't in Ethics class.


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