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"Artoo, I swear that if you play Luke Skywalker and the Dragon of Tatooine one more time, I will lock you in a room with Threepio and tell him that you want to hear his list of six million forms of communication," Luke snapped, looking up from his computer.

Artoo let out a low whistle.

"No, you can't sell copies to my friends, either," Luke replied.

Which reminded him...

To: [usual suspects]
From: farmboy@holonet.com
RE: About that retirement thing...

About a month back, I resigned my commission from the Rogues, figuring I could do more good restoring the Jedi if my time wasn't being taken up being a snubjockey for one the most annoying squadrons in the galaxy (I say with love, Jaina and Gavin. Not so much love if you've hacked into my communications, Janson...). Turns out that I wasn't exactly resigning from the military as I'd planned.

They promoted me. I'm now General Skywalker, in charge of the New Republic (we have a new name! How spiffy are we?) Rapid Response Task Force.


So. How are you all?


PS: If Artoo tries to get you to buy one of several (sigh) movies that have been made about me, DON'T DO IT.
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"And AND AND I flew off of a horse! And off of a table! And my bed! And we tried to get on the shuttle to give cookies to Yoda but this lady stopped us and now Yoda will be green forever! Oh! AND Gavin called me a girl."

Luke had been babbling into his comlink for ten straight minutes.

There was a long pause from the other end. "Okay, who is this really?" Leia asked.

"'s Luke," Luke replied. "Still."

There was another pause, then a prolonged laughing fit. "Is Artoo taking holos?" she asked.

"Yes," Luke said, "and now I have to go. I'm gonna call Daddy and Daddy's fancy in Connect-the-cat."

Leia was still laughing when Luke ended the call and called Anakin.
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Luke had written down several outlines of what he wanted to say to Leia.

He'd also written down a page of Things Not To Say Ever, Ever, Ever and had them in prominent view when he locked the door so he'd have warning if Z was coming in, then picked up his comlink.

Telling his twin that their father was getting remarried. He had a bad feeling about this.

Yay, Leia! )

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Fix You - Coldplay
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After an interesting conversation with his father early in the morning, Luke had gone for a long run.

And then an even longer session alone with the punching bag.

And then he'd tried some meditation.

Now? He'd spread parts to a small droid out all over the floor, back carefully turned away from the half of the room that was supposed to have a Z in it, and fiddled around with electronics.

Loud Corellian rock was blaring from his stereo and out through the open door.

If you asked him? He was fine.
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Luke had carefully followed the directions Rory had given him about how to get from Fandom to DC, how to purchase train tickets (even though he was pretty sure he'd had that covered), and how to blend in with the rest of the tourists and businessmen making their way up the Eastern seaboard on Amtrak.

So now he was perched nervously in a plastic chair waiting for his train to board and hoping his clothing didn't make him stand out too badly.

It would be nice to get away from Fandom for a little while.

And by "Fandom" he meant "Anakin."

Out Is Through - Alanis Morissette
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Luke was in his room, sleeves up--the gash on his arm was fading rapidly--surrounded by his tool kit and fiddling with Artoo. If it stopped him from dwelling on other things, well, bonus.

Artoo was not entirely thrilled being used as a distraction.

"Try it again, please," Luke said.

Artoo obligingly began to spit back the beginning of "I Know A Song That Gets On Everybody's Nerves."

"It needs to be higher pitched, louder," Luke said, "and more off-key."

The door was open if anyone was wondering what he was up to.
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Luke was covered in glitter.

Luke remembered everything he did last night.

Which was why Luke was also under his bed.

And never, ever coming out again.


Artoo's electronic snickers weren't helping matters either.
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After leaving Rory a message to meet for lunch in the clearing she'd mentioned to him, Luke had wandered down to J, GOB for the proper supplies.

Being a boy, they leaned heavily towards Things Stuck Between Bread and Things Made of Chocolate and not so much with the vegetables or fruit.

He plopped down on the grass and tried to process some of the people he'd met in the last few days: a frog, a giant turtle, a girl from the future (though not his), Gavin--who wasn't nine years old any more, apparently-- a Padawan from the past, and oh, let's not forget, his niece. What the hell, Fandom, what the hell.

The people in Platypus seemed to be pretty great, though -- and Annette seemed really excited about his date with Tori.

Not that he was nervous about that. At all.

Except for the part where he was.

His gaze rested on initials carved into a tree nearby and he fought the instinct to roll his eyes. Hopefully his father hadn't done anything stupid to Rory in the last few weeks.

He wasn't counting on it, though.

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Luke turned around to wait for Rory to catch up.

Not that she was all that much shorter but she got more distracted.

"Which one's a weepin' willow?" he asked.

Cheering up a Weeping Willow! )
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Luke had been tossing restlessly in bed, haunted by his own nightmares of Death Stars and things that might have gone wrong, when the emotions resonating from his father's nightmare jolted him upright in bed gasping and trembling.

"What the hell was that?" he whispered.

He curled up on his bed trying to get his bearings before declaring it a lost cause and padding down the hallway.

He hoped Rory wouldn't mind being awakened like this. He ran his hand through his hair, took a deep breath, tried not to look terrified (it didn't work), and tapped on her door.
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Artoo tootled quietly to himself as two figures followed along behind him and then stopped in front of the door to Anakin's office.

Luke crept up and turned to Rory. "Did you bring everything?" he whispered.
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Luke bit his lip as the Earth finally began to fill the window in front of him.

The trip back had been a long, quiet one.

His father had disappeared into the back of the shuttle and hadn't spoken more than three words together the entire time.

Luke was exhausted and worried, but he knew that there was someone else who would be equally exhausted and worried. As soon as they were in range, he picked up his comlink and made a call.

Rory needed to know what had happened.

Of course he called Rory. Are you new? )

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Luke, already dressed in his bright orange flight suit, was tossing more clothing into a soft bag in preparation for his trip back to Tatooine later that day.

Artoo was zipping around the room, bringing Luke various items as they caught his interest.

"No," Luke said, sighing, "I'm not going to need another coffee mug."

Artoo tootled.

"I don't care what you've heard about coffee's effectiveness in battle."

The door to the room was open.

[OOC: Come on in! Conversation with Rory NFB.]

History Repeating (featuring Miss Shirley Bassey)
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Luke was sitting on the floor surrounded by his tools.

Artoo was in front of him, warbling.

"This has nothing to do with what you did last night," Luke soothed him, reaching for a hydrospanner. "You just need a tune-up."

He frowned. "Though trying to zap Darth Vader isn't the smartest thing I've ever heard of doing."

Artoo tootled innocently.

"I don't believe you," Luke told him, then got back to work.

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Luke had spent the entire weekend sitting by Rory's door, surviving on candy and coffee (no waffles, thanks so much).

And not sleeping.

He wiped blearily at his eyes and glanced towards the bed. Maybe she'd be better this morning...
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"Here's the room I was telling you about," Luke said, walking up to Rory's room. "I can break into it and we can have...privacy."

He had plans, you see.

Just not exactly what Rory probably had in mind.
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After a few hours poking around on the X-Wing with Artoo and a quick check to see if Leia had written--she had, and there was still no sign of Han--Luke flung himself onto his bed and began to practice with the Force.

Yoda was not excited to be one of the things chosen to be juggled.

Seeing Luke distracted, Artoo made his way stealthily towards the door.

"Don't even think about it," Luke said sternly. "Last time you got out, you came back covered in cake."

Artoo whistled innocently. "No," Luke replied.

Artoo made sulky noises and rolled back towards the corner.

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Blue Eyes - Cary Brothers
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Luke, dressed all in black and sporting a black glove on his right hand, opened the door to his room to the annoyed beeping of Artoo.

"Look, I'm sorry that I couldn't figure out where the elevator is," Luke said, rolling his eyes. "The stairs won't actually kill you, you know."

Artoo's long response clearly thought otherwise.

"This is it," Luke said, sweeping his arm around the room. "Not a lot to see, really."

He propped the door open, made a few handwavey calls to friends and then began unpacking as the astromech explored.

[OOC: The Jedi is back! New friends, old friends, come on by!]
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After convincing Doctor Goodchild to let him out, Luke made his way back to the dorms.

To say that it had been a shitty couple of days was downplaying things to an almost ridiculous degree.

With a tired sigh, he unlocked the door to his room and began packing a few things, then changed into his flight suit.

Exactly how he was going to fly with one hand was something he hadn't figured out yet.

Stupid cryptic Force-ghosts and their stupid cryptic instructions.

He was so focused on what he was doing that he hadn't realized he'd left the door cracked open.

ETA to avoid spamming the flist... Several hours later, after dropping Yoda off with Rory and swearing he was coming back, Luke made his way to the X-Wing. The take off was wobbly, the approach into atmosphere more so, but he was adapting quickly. A few minutes later and even the exhaust streaks in the sky had blown away.

Luke was heading home. Master Yoda had a lot of questions to answer.

Here Comes The Flood - Peter Gabriel
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Luke hadn't been able to fall back to sleep after the dream...vision...thing he'd had last night.

He sat curled up in his blankets on his bed and watched the sun rise. Seeing just the one hadn't gotten less bizarre.

He'd skipped the party last night; he didn't really get the idea behind Halloween, hadn't had a costume anyway and had been a bit tired from learning how to swim (or at least how to keep from drowning). Besides, he'd already been social at the bonfire--s'mores were the best thing ever, he'd decided, though hot chocolate also sounded intriguing--and he needed to find a non-pink hat to wear before it got much colder. He'd also had fun talking with Lyra, Molly, Aeryn and John at Rory's birthday.

John. Luke stared out into space again, thinking back to last night. Had it been real? Could Jedi do something like that?

How would he bring it up in conversation anyway? "Hey, Aeryn, how's John's mother? Still alive and stuff?"

Too creepy. Bordering on "Mimas looks like the Death Star" creepy. He picked up the copy of The Art of War he'd borrowed from the library, and began flipping through the pages, hoping for a distraction.

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Sick Cycle Carousel - Lifehouse


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