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Luke’s second landing on Dagobah went much more smoothly than the first one, even though the Virgo was a much larger craft than his X-Wing. As he walked down the loading ramp and was hit with a blast of humid, swampy air, he wondered if Yoda hadn’t arranged it so he’d land badly the first time as part of his welcome.

He smiled. It was just the sort of thing the Jedi Master would find entertaining.  )

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All I Want - Susie Suh
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After leaving a mostly helpful note of Gone to Dagobah. Promise to keep to an old friend. Back by Tuesday, on his bed, Luke tossed a few clothes in an overnight bag, winced in annoyance at the bruise on his chest caused by getting kicked by a bear, and trotted down towards the shuttle. He left Artoo in the room. The little droid and Yoda had never really gotten along.

Luke wasn't at all surprised to discover that the damage that had been done when he had been tiny had been fixed and the entire ship had been given a new coat of wax. He was fairly certain his father loved that shuttle like a member of the family.

After a brief systems warm up, the only sign left of Luke and the shuttle was a contrail in the sky heading towards a galaxy far, far away.

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After spending all night up in the fourth floor common room watching a Space Battles marathon (and totally not trying to avoid thinking about the person who'd come into town. Or how the other member of his family would be dealing with that. Really.), Luke cracked open his door and snuck in, careful not to wake Z.

And stared at the old guy sitting on his bed.

"Um...can I help you?"

Yoda rolled his eyes. "You two have never been that quick on the uptake," he said in rolling tones. "I am Yoda."

"Yoda's green and on Dagobah!" Luke squeaked.

Yoda sighed. "No. I'm a turtle." He paused and looked down at himself. "Most days."

Luke's eyes got wider and wider. "I don't have time for this," he whined.

Yoda stared back. "That is not my problem."

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Basket Case - Green Day
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Luke was standing on his hands, but he wasn't finding it tremendously helpful as an aid to concentration.

The fact that a Jedi Master was sitting on his feet offering advice while Luke was trying to maintain his own balance as well as the balance of the three rocks and a droid he was levitating probably had something to do with it, too.

Yoda had his eyes closed. )

Sick Cycle Carousel - Lifehouse
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As Luke wiped the sweat from his eyes, he wondered—and not for the first time—if it had really been worth convincing Yoda to let him learn how to be a Jedi.

He felt like he'd hardly had time to breathe since Yoda's cryptic reply of "you will be" to his assertions that he wasn't afraid.

And then Luke learned about prophecy and lightsaber combat. And bugs. )
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Luke would've liked to blame the new hand or forgetting how to fly with an astromech droid, but the simple truth was that the instrument panel went dead and he ended up crashing the X-Wing into what he soon discovered to be one of the many, many swamps of Dagobah.

And lo, Luke met with a green Muppet and an Obi-Wan who had a lot of explaining to do... )


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