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Luke had spent the last several days sitting in truly uncomfortable chairs (Luke was beginning to suspect they had been designed specifically to hit him in the small of his back) between time standing in line to harass increasingly harried-looking customer service representatives and calls to Leia and Han.

Admiral Ackbar's complete disappearance from anyone's memory but his own had been the start of the problems: there were now entire swaths of the galaxy that only Luke remembered. He had a really bad feeling about this, and he wasn't about to leave his sister, his best friend, and their two unborn babies here to ride out whatever this was.

His comm beeped with a new message and his blood ran cold as he listened to Gavin's voice. He called back--not that he expected an answer--then marched back to the line. "I need to get to Fandom," he said. "Passage for three." He imbued his voice with the Force. "You will set this up for me."

The Bothan behind the desk looked befuddled. "I will set this up for you."

"Finally," Luke breathed, flipping his comm on and dialing Leia's number for the 500th time that day. "Leia, it's Luke. Get Han and your bags and get down here now. It's going to take about nine transfers--" and a pretty hefty mindwhammy since Leia wasn't exactly a frequent flier, "but we'll get back to Fandom before things get worse."

There was a long pause on the other end.

Finally Leia's voice asked, "Who's Han?"

Luke tried very hard not to cry.


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