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Luke reached up, massaged the headache that had sprung up between his eyebrows and finished the dregs of his long-since stone cold hot chocolate.

All of the information he'd found on Joruus C'baoth--which was mostly tinged with his father's imperfect recollection (he hadn't even been able to spell the guy's name right)--and he stil couldn't figure out why he'd ended up on Wayland, of all places.

Something felt off about this whole thing, but he couldn't exactly turn his back on even a rumor a living, breathing Jedi Master in his own galaxy.

His calls to Anakin were going to voicemail, so he tried Jaina instead. Maybe she'd be able to set his mind at ease.

[OOC: for the granddaughter ten years older than him!]
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After being told in no uncertain terms by Han and Leia that a birthing room was no place for a twin brother (not that he'd really thought otherwise, but Han had needed something to argue about, so he'd let himself get yelled at for a while), Luke had found what passed for a place of peaceful contemplation on Coruscant in a small grove of trees.

He closed his eyes and let the constant noise of the city pass into the background as he concentrated on the Force, projecting peace and stability in case Leia needed any additional help.

Several hours later he opened his eyes, smiling. He didn't need his ringing comlink to know that two new lives had made their appearances in the galaxy. "Jaina and Jacen, huh?" he said, a grin in his voice. "Good names. Do you want me to call Dad?"

[OOC: Sorry, Leia, I didn't mean to leave you pregnant this long...]
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Luke made a face as he watched the words scroll up the Old Senate Library computer screen. What was it about new regimes, he wondered, that one of their first official acts always seemed to be the creation of a new dating system, which they then went and applied to all existing historical records? The Galactic Empire had done that, as had the Old Republic before it. He could only hope that the New Republic wouldn't follow suit. History was hard enough to keep track of as it was.        


"No," Luke said, frowning. C'baoth had assumed the title of Jedi Master? He'd always been under the impression that that title, like the rank of Jedi Knight itself, was something that was granted by the rest of the Jedi community and not simply self-proclaimed. "Give me the highlights of his record as a Jedi."        


"Stop," Luke ordered, a sudden shiver running up his back. Jedi adviser to Senator Palpatine? "Detail C'baoth's service to Senator Palpatine."  

The computer seemed to consider the request. UNAVAILABLE, the answer came at last.

"Unavailable, or just classified?" Luke countered. UNAVAILABLE, the computer repeated.        

Luke grimaced. But there was little he could do about it for the moment. "Continue."        


Luke leaned back in his chair, gazing at the display and chewing at the inside of his cheek. So not only had C'baoth once been an adviser to the man who would someday declare himself Emperor, but he'd also been part of the attack against those Dark Jedi from the Sluis sector that Leia had told him about. One of whom had survived long enough to face Master Yoda on Dagobah.

He reached for his comlink, hoping it wasn't too late (or early, or something) in Georgetown. "Hey, Dad? It's me. I have a few questions about a Jedi named Jorus C'baoth..."
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Luke was stuck on Sluis Van for the foreseeable future--an Imperial strike right when he'd arrived (and if he didn't know better, he'd think they were tracking his X-Wing)--and had made his rounds of annoying Wedge (also stuck) and then Lando (also also stuck) and was now staring at the giant melted piece of metal that was preventing his X-Wing from getting back to Coruscant.

His comm went off. "Skywalker."

It was Leia, speaking so quickly that Luke made her repeat herself. "White admiral uniform? I thought we'd accounted for all of the Grand Admirals."

More from Leia. "You can call him too, you know," he said softly.

Much more from Leia.

"Fine! Fine! I'll do it. But he'd love to hear from you. Love you," he said, disconnecting the call, then taking a deep breath and calling back to Fandom.

"Hey, Dad? It's me. I've got a question about a Grand Admiral..."
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Luke was checking his messages.

This wasn't in itself unusual, except for the ones he was hoping to receive.

He wasn't crazy enough to think that Karrde's second in command, Mara Jade, would be dropping him a friendly note. Maybe a thermal detonator, but not a note...

So in an attempt to get her out of his head, he'd signed up on a galactic dating site. His dating history wasn't that extensive--Tori, Jo, a Rogue pilot who'd turned out to be evil that he'd shot down...and watching Han and Leia together made him want something like that for himself.

With a redhead, maybe.

...dammit, he was back where he started.

With an empty inbox. Was he completely undatable? "Maybe they think I'm not really Luke Skywalker?" he said aloud.

To no one. Sigh.

[OOC: This is entirely Natalie, Shanie & Len's fault.]
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Leaving Leia behind was one of the most painful things Luke had ever done in his life, and he'd experienced his fair share of painful things. Meeting her husband Wedge Antilles had just been...migraine-inducing.

He'd caught a portal (Leia had absolutely refused to leave Coruscant. She was apparently in charge of the new government--a small bright spot in this entire mess was that Borsk Fey'la had never existed), then another, then another and now found himself in some sushi place in Moldova (wherever in the universe that was), trying to ignore the sound of the relentlessly cheerful Japanese pop music that was piping through the place as he eavesdropped on his fellow travelers, some of whom had been traveling almost a week.

"Happy Thanksgiving," he muttered to himself, wondering how in the world (some world, pick a world) he was going to explain Jaina's new father to her.
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Luke had spent the last several days sitting in truly uncomfortable chairs (Luke was beginning to suspect they had been designed specifically to hit him in the small of his back) between time standing in line to harass increasingly harried-looking customer service representatives and calls to Leia and Han.

Admiral Ackbar's complete disappearance from anyone's memory but his own had been the start of the problems: there were now entire swaths of the galaxy that only Luke remembered. He had a really bad feeling about this, and he wasn't about to leave his sister, his best friend, and their two unborn babies here to ride out whatever this was.

His comm beeped with a new message and his blood ran cold as he listened to Gavin's voice. He called back--not that he expected an answer--then marched back to the line. "I need to get to Fandom," he said. "Passage for three." He imbued his voice with the Force. "You will set this up for me."

The Bothan behind the desk looked befuddled. "I will set this up for you."

"Finally," Luke breathed, flipping his comm on and dialing Leia's number for the 500th time that day. "Leia, it's Luke. Get Han and your bags and get down here now. It's going to take about nine transfers--" and a pretty hefty mindwhammy since Leia wasn't exactly a frequent flier, "but we'll get back to Fandom before things get worse."

There was a long pause on the other end.

Finally Leia's voice asked, "Who's Han?"

Luke tried very hard not to cry.
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Luke ran his hands through his hair. "Yes, I read your latest message," he told the Hutt behind the counter. "That's why we want to leave today for Fandom Island."

The Hutt pushed a few keys. "And who would be traveling with you?"

"Me, my sister and my-brother-in law," Luke replied. With entire swaths of the Outer Rim blinking out of contact, it seemed like a good idea (or not, but Anakin would just have to deal with it) for everyone to show up for Thanksgiving this year.

"You realize you booked travel for Wednesday instead?"

Luke sighed again. "Yes."

"And that those tickets will be non-refundable."


More key pushing. "And your sister is..."

Luke gave the Hutt a "really?" look. "Leia Organa-Solo."

"Who's seven months pregnant, yes?"


The Hutt shook his head. "I'm very sorry, sir, but Portalocity is not willing to take on the potential liability of her having a medical emergency while the system is so unstable."


"She can't come with you."

Luke resisted the urge--for now--to beat his head against the counter.
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Luke knew Jedi weren't supposed to hate--it was counterproductive, a waste of energy and led to the Dark Side--but politics gave him a migraine. The Bothans were notoriously ruthless when it came to seizing even an iota of power and he was starting to do a mental shot every time they mentioned how many had died to retrieve the Death Star plans (ignoring what Palpatine had told Luke about how that had been intentional...).

And now they (well, he, anyway, Borsk Fey'lya) were trying to drive Admiral Ackbar out of the government, a supremely shortsighted and stupid move that was giving Luke one hell of a headache.

He was currently clearing out his email in an attempt to avoid the situation, even reading the spam.

Yes, it was just that bad.
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Luke should be looking into what was going on with Ackbar's trial, or getting more information about this mysterious Grand Admiral they'd managed to miss counting for the last five years, or calling Anakin to ask him about a Jedi named Joruus C'baoth.

Instead he was in his office, passed out in his chair.

It had been a long few weeks.

[OOC: Open for calls and SP as I am heading offline in a half-hour and didn't want to forget about poor Luke before the end of the month.]
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Luke sank down into a chair and took what seemed to be his first breath since leaving Mykyr several weeks ago. He, Han and Lando had arrived for refueling and repair at the Sluis Van dockyards just in time to watch an impeccable, carefully planned Imperial attack (using Lando's stolen mole miners, of all things!) trying to steal the docked Republic fleet located here.

Lando remembered that he still had his list of commands for the miners, so instead of taking the fleet, they ended up just boring giant holes through the hulls, which was hardly a great thing, but was certainly better than having the ships gone for good. Or so Luke hoped the Council would understand.

They'd come back to the station to get Luke's X-Wing repaired only to run into Wedge and the Rogues and learn that Admiral Ackbar had been arrested on Coruscant, though the charges weren't entirely clear. Luke wrapped his arm over his head to suppress a groan as Wedge assured him that his ship had just been bumped to the front of the repair line.

Who would have thought that the highlight of his month was going to be having an extreme allergic reaction to a local Mykyr plant and making Mara Jade smile for all of a second?

[OOC: He's got his comlink if you want to give him some good news...]
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The last few weeks could be summarized as "extremely awkward," Luke decided as he trudged away from Karrde's base and back to his completely repaired X-Wing.

He'd been knocked out because the smuggler had discovered a species called the ysalamir that make little Force-bubbles. The entire planet had been full of them, rendering his training as a Jedi virtually useless.

And then, since this was how his life worked now, he'd been stuffed into a storage locker to be hidden while the Empire paid Karrde a visit to pick up some of the Force-bubble makers. He'd escaped by lock using the components of his fake hand (he was pretty proud of thinking of that) and had stolen a speeder bike and gone off into the (sigh) ysalamiri-invested forest just in time to get smacked with Fandom weird, turn seven years old, crash his speeder and declare his love for Mara Jade, the associate Karrde had sent out to track him down.

She had not been impressed at all. He'd turned back to himself and had spent the next week trying not to get shot as they trudged through the woods while she demanded to know what Force technique allowed him to change his age like that.

They finally made their way back to Karrde's base in time for his comlink to blink with several dozen messages from his father about Fandom Leia's planet exploding. He'd had enough, and very firmly told Karrde that yes, he was leaving and no, Mara, she couldn't kill him today (and that was going to be a problem to bite him in the ass later, he could feel it), and headed back to Fandom as fast as his ship could take him.
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The trilling code, coming from somewhere far behind him, startled Luke up out of his dreamless sleep. "Okay, Artoo, I'm awake," he said groggily, rubbing at his eyes. His knuckles bumped up against the visor of his flight helmet, reminding him of what the circumstances of his hibernation exercise had been.

Dead hyperdrives. No power. Great.

"Is anything wrong?" he asked, then ignored Artoo's anxious warble as he saw what had gotten the droid to wake him: another ship bearing down on them. From a first impression of the ship--a slightly dilapidated Corellian cruiser--Luke didn't think it was anything Imperial. But there wasn't much of a chance this was a random encounter, either.

The flashing radio signal on his console indicated he was being hailed. "--need assistance?" a slightly familiar female voice was asking. "Repeating: unidentified starfighter, this is the freighter Wild Karrde. Do you need assistance?"

It would take fifteen minutes for the X-Wing to power up, let alone actually move anywhere, so Luke told the truth. "As a matter of fact, yes, I could use some help."

Where Luke meets Talon Karrde, smuggler of awesome. )
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Blast and double blast, Luke thought, momentarily giving into his frustration. After a tricky bit of piloting to escape the clutches of an Imperial cruiser which would have been only too happy to figure out who the pilot of the X-Wing was, he'd made a hyperspace jump (blindly) and was floating dead in space in a ship without a hyperdrive, a comm system, or enough fuel to fly anywhere near an inhabited planet. And he only had a limited amount of air left.

This was, he reflected, a really stupid way to die.

He'd put Artoo to putting together a rudimentary comm device: he had no idea how far the signal, should it even work, would reach, but it was better than nothing.

...Not a lot better than nothing, though.

"I'm going to go into a trance, okay, Artoo? When you get finished with the comm, you wake me up. Or if something starts going wrong, or if you even think something is going to start to go wrong?"

Artoo gave a nervous tweetle of assent. Luke reached futilely into the Force for Leia, halfway across the galaxy, and hoped that this wasn't goodbye from him.


Just before he fell into a trance, he had a sudden feeling like someone was reaching back...but it was too late.

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The voice was soft but insistent. Luke turned to look and smiled. "Hello, Ben," he said, his voice sounding oddly tinny to his own ears. "It's been a long time."

"It has indeed," Obi-Wan answered gravely, "and I'm afraid it will be longer still until the next time. I've come to say goodbye."

The landscape trembled slightly, and a small part of Luke's mind remembered that he was asleep in his suite in the Imperial Palace on Coruscant and not, as he would thnk as he glanced around, back on Tatooine.

"No, I'm not a dream," Obi-Wan replied, answering Luke's unspoken thought. "But the distances separating us have become too great for me to appear any other way. Now even this path is being closed to me."

"No," Luke insisted. "You can't leave us, Ben. We need you." A thought struck him. "And what about Dad?"

Ben smiled softly. "You don't need me, Luke. You are a Jedi, strong in the Force. And Anakin..." His smile faded and his eyes focused on something Luke couldn't see. "At any rate, the decision is not mine to make. I have lingered too long already, and can no longer postpone my journey from this life to what lies beyond."

Strong am I in the Force, Yoda's voice whispered in Luke's memories, but not that strong.

Ben was still speaking. "You, too, will face this same journey one day." His attention drifted again, then returned. "You are strong in the Force, Luke, and with perserverance and discipline, you will grow stronger still." His gaze hardened. "But you must never relax your guard. The Emperor is gone, but the dark side is still powerful. Never forget that."

Luke's own attention drifted, thinking back to the haunted look in Fandom Jaina's eyes. "I won't," he promised.

"And now, farewell," Obi-Wan said as the vision began to waver and become fainter. "I loved you as a son, and as a student, and as a friend. And Anakin--" The Jedi became practically invisible. "Well, Anakin already knows everything I would tell him. Until we meet again, may the Force be with you both."


But Ben turned and the image faded...and Luke knew he was gone. Then I am alone, he told himself. I am the last of the Jedi. Anakin, in self-imposed exile in a different galaxy, wasn't here, and didn't count.

He seemed to hear Obi-Wan's voice from a great distance. "Not the last of the old Jedi, Luke. The first of the new."

The voice trailed off and was gone...and Luke woke up, crushed by a sudden sadness. First Uncle Owen and Aunt Beru, then Obi-Wan, then Anakin (though that hadn't stuck), and now even Obi-Wan's spirit was gone. He reached for his comlink, heedless of the timezone differences that might exist, and called his father.

"Dad?" he said when the familiar voice answered the other end of the call. "I have some bad news."

[OOC: Taken, tweaked and folded into origami cranes from Timothy Zahn's Heir to Empire, 20 years old this year. Good Lord, I'm old.]
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"Yes, really," Luke was saying to his father over the comlink. "Leia and the babies are both doing fine, according to the meddroid, and they'll be born in a few months."

There was a pause.

"No, I'm not going to tell Han you said that."

Another pause.

"Or that."

And another pause.

"And that's not even physically possible--" he went pale as the voice on the other end continued, "all right, so it is, but you're not going to do that to your son-in-law."

He smiled. "No, no one thinks you're old." Mostly because they thought Anakin was dead, but details. "You're just going to be a grandfather. Okay, okay. Give Juliet and Rory my love. Bye, Dad."

Luke disconnected the call and shook his head, Surprisingly, that had gone better than he'd expected.

[OOC: Open for calls, sure.]
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Luke trotted down the hallway, checking his chrono and frowning irritably to himself. He hadn't planned on running this late for his third lesson in teaching Leia how to be a Jedi. With her schedule of constant travel stamping out interstellar conflicts and his as, well, him, it was impressive they'd even managed to be on the same planet for three lessons.

He hoped the second lightsaber he had strapped to his belt would serve as a suitable apology for his tardiness.

Running his hands through his hair, he took a deep breath before ringing the bell. Three seconds later, he was being pulled into a bear hug by his sister. "You made it!" Leia exclaimed. "I thought you'd gotten lost. We were about to send out Rogue Squadron."

Luke laughed. "I'm fifteen minutes behind."

She smiled at him. "I was impatient to see you. Han and I have some very exciting news to tell you."

Luke watched as she and Han exchanged looks, and suddenly he knew.

"You're pregnant!"

Han frowned. "Jedi take all of the fun out of surprises."
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In retrospect, Luke should have anticipated this, he decided as he sat in a Provisional Council meeting and tried not to fuss with the ridiculously complicated braids on his head. (How did Leia deal with these all day long?) She and Han had been complaining for months about how they never had time to themselves any more--every spare moment she wasn't being shuttled to and from systems thinking of joining the New Republic she was locked into Council meetings and trying not to throttle a Bothan or three.

So when Luke had called her in a panic yesterday, in desperate need of someone to commiserate with (and borrow a dress from, yes, yes), Leia saw this as a wonderful opportunity for her and Han to get some time to themselves.

And like the sucker loyal brother he was, he'd agreed.

Twenty seven hours of meetings (and five moments when Borsk Fey'lya and Admiral Ackbar had almost come to blows) later and he was idly wondering if maybe he should have taken Anakin up on his offer to rule the galaxy as father and son. This ruling by committee thing was clearly not working.

The only thing that had caught his attention at all was the news of a potential new Grand Admiral popping up near the Unknown Regions. For some reason, he had a bad feeling about that...
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The Holocron he'd picked up on Dathomir had been full of potentially useful information about Jedi training, which was why (between trips to Fandom) Luke had been away from Coruscant for almost a year tracking down leads.

This one, he decided as he looked around the grasslands of the planet Stewjon was interesting for more personal reasons, and even if no one here was exactly open for talking about Obi-Wan Kenobi, it was fascinating to see where he'd been born.

Yes, Luke was being a tourist. Shhh.

[OOC: The planet was named for Jon Stewart. I SWEAR TO GOD. Open for calls and texts!]
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Luke had arrived at Leia's wedding an hour early, in part because he had this niggling fear he'd be dropped off at the Aldereenian consulate or something equally insane (he blamed that on pre-wedding jitters) and in part because he was afraid his father would do something stupid reckless and actually try to show up at this event today.

And an event it was. Thousands of people were jammed into the largest room the consulate possessed--Luke counted himself fortunate to recognize more than fifty of the faces--and the entire ceremony was being broadcast live across the galaxy.

Luke was serving as best man, Threepio as the ringbearer (because Leia had a sense of humor), and the entire ceremony was presided over by Mon Mothma herself. Luke had kept his lightsaber strapped securely to his belt--he'd half-expected someone to do something stupid--but the entire ceremony went off without a hitch, and Leia looked radiantly happy (or at least the portions of her Luke could see through her elaborate headdress).

And Anakin hadn't been there. Luke reminded himself to send Rory something nice. He was sure she'd talked him out of being stupid.


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