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Luke finally had a chance to catch his breath -- evacuating bases was always a little busy -- and spun around in his office chair (the door was closed so the rest of the Rogues couldn't see him acting like a kid) before firing up his datapad for the first time in a couple of days.

He typed out a quick message.

Written transmission, yay! )

Five minutes after his email conversation with Jo began, another email went out:

To: The usual suspects
From: Luke Skywalker <farmboy@holonet.com>


[ooc: If you think you got them, you did!]
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Luke was putting the last of his belongings into bags and boxes and trying not to be too upset about leaving Fandom forever tomorrow morning.

Outside his alcove, Artoo was selling copies of Fandom's Greatest Humiliations over the last two years for what he felt was a very reasonable price.

Whenever the melancholy threatened to overwhelm Luke, he'd look over at the little droid who'd begin to whistle "Doe, a Deer."

Artoo wasn't big on feeling sorry for yourself.

[OOC: Luke's farewell post! Come say goodbye :(]
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"And AND AND I flew off of a horse! And off of a table! And my bed! And we tried to get on the shuttle to give cookies to Yoda but this lady stopped us and now Yoda will be green forever! Oh! AND Gavin called me a girl."

Luke had been babbling into his comlink for ten straight minutes.

There was a long pause from the other end. "Okay, who is this really?" Leia asked.

"'s Luke," Luke replied. "Still."

There was another pause, then a prolonged laughing fit. "Is Artoo taking holos?" she asked.

"Yes," Luke said, "and now I have to go. I'm gonna call Daddy and Daddy's fancy in Connect-the-cat."

Leia was still laughing when Luke ended the call and called Anakin.
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Luke hated everything.

It wasn't bad enough he'd spent the weekend as some kind of cackling villain, nooooo. He'd managed to kidnap someone who'd turned into his mother, gotten caught by two guys wearing tights and had woken up in jail.

...Where his father had bailed him out, then delivered a lecture loud enough to be heard all over the island as he was dragged back to the dorm by his ear.

He rubbed at it sulkily. "Like I would've kidnapped Padmé if I hadn't been insane," he whined to Artoo. "And why do I need to tell John to update his will?"

He buried his head under his pillow with a sigh, wondering if it was possible to never, ever come out again.

It would have been more effective if Artoo hadn't made sure the door was open.

Won't Give In - The Finn Brothers
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After an interesting conversation with his father early in the morning, Luke had gone for a long run.

And then an even longer session alone with the punching bag.

And then he'd tried some meditation.

Now? He'd spread parts to a small droid out all over the floor, back carefully turned away from the half of the room that was supposed to have a Z in it, and fiddled around with electronics.

Loud Corellian rock was blaring from his stereo and out through the open door.

If you asked him? He was fine.
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After spending time in the flight sim with John dying over Coruscant, Luke had raced back to the dorms to get ready for his date with Jo.

He checked the inside of the shuttle, not at all surprised to find that it was completely spotless, and poked around a bit with the food replicator.

And then had an argument with Artoo, who was under the mistaken impression he would be joining Luke and Jo on the date. Luke blamed his father for that idea.

He sent Artoo--grumbling electronically--back home, then waited for Jo. He only bounced on his toes a little bit.


[OOC: For the girlfriend. SP for great time zone justice.]
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Somewhere between many, many shots (some of them at a dart board!) and a Brilliant Plan involving a horse, Luke had veered off from the rest of the group and passed out in the stables.

"Guys?" he mumbled in his sleep, burrowing deeper into the hay, "is this about my third arm? Cause I really can't see it."

His head banged up against the wood of the stall. "Ow," he said, sitting up, then grabbed his head and moaned. "Owwwwww."

[OOC: Establishy, unless you have some reason to be in the stable to mock a hungover Jedi.]
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Luke came back to his room, checked his voicemail, and blinked.

A lot. He helpfully returned the message.

The second one made him glare at the machine for a moment before returning the message, the third had him goggling for a solid minute before calling back, and the the fourth left him anxious to set the record straight. Gavin really needed to move on, too, dammit, so he called back and told him so.

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