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Luke finally had a chance to catch his breath -- evacuating bases was always a little busy -- and spun around in his office chair (the door was closed so the rest of the Rogues couldn't see him acting like a kid) before firing up his datapad for the first time in a couple of days.

He typed out a quick message.

Written transmission, yay! )

Five minutes after his email conversation with Jo began, another email went out:

To: The usual suspects
From: Luke Skywalker <farmboy@holonet.com>


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Not that he hadn't appreciated the effort, because he had, but Luke had to admit that his first joint birthday party with Leia had been a bit of an experience.

And not just because someone had left Janson unsupervised with the food. In his worst kitchen experiments with Gavin, Luke had never managed to turn something that shade of purple.

It had been nice to have some down time, though. Rogue Squadron's missions had increased in tempo and Luke had barely had time to breathe, let alone remember things like dates. The surprise part of the party had been complete: mostly because he'd forgotten it was his birthday at all. Leia had teased him about that for an hour.

He flopped onto his cot--a perk of being in command meant he didn't have to share his admittedly tiny quarters--and fiddled with something mechanical and complicated that Wedge had given him, enjoying time to himself. Artoo burbled happily in the corner, checking for new communications.

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There was water in front of him and stars overhead (if you used your imagination and ignored the clouds), a blanket, and food. And a huge umbrella. Stupid weather ruining his date.

Luke sat on the beach, ignoring the sand, and waited for Jo to arrive.

He was pushing back the thoughts of "last time" through sheer force of will.

[For the girl and up for great SP]
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Luke opened one eye, noted that the sun was still low in the sky, and snuggled in closer to Jo.

There was no reason to get out of bed when it was this comfortable, he decided.
Sleeping in, alas, was not to be... )

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Luke had made two trips from his room to carry all of the stuff to celebrate Jo's birthday properly and had piled it carefully outside of her door before running his hands nervously through his hair again, tugging impatiently at the clothing Brooke had picked out for him in Cool class--black t-shirt a little tighter than he was comfortable with and khakis--and then knocked on the door.

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After last night's...terrible, terrible experience in the common room, Luke was planning on a nice, relaxing night in his room.

Under his covers.


Artoo, on the other hand, was at Luke's desk making many, many CDs of the performance.

He'd also propped the door open when Luke wasn't paying attention. Evil droid.

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Luke was laying on his bed staring at the ceiling.

Not that he was afraid to close his eyes or anything. Um. Much.

But he hadn't ended up eaten or in the clinic, which meant that the mission, as far as Luke was concerned, was a win. And if he kept glancing towards the open door, waiting for a certain member of an away team to show back up, well, you couldn't really blame him.

A hyperactive vampire puppy had taken up residence on his stomach, deciding that it was the perfect place for a nap.

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The Moth - Aimee Mann
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Luke tossed his bag onto his bed as Artoo made concerned little noises and circled around him.

"I'm fine," Luke told him for the hundredth time. "The med droid wouldn't have let me go otherwise." He smiled. "And neither would Jo or Leia. It's just a little scrape."

Artoo let out a low whistle that showed Luke how unconvinced he was about that.

Luke peeked into the mirror. "You can hardly tell," he said, running his finger down the new scars on his face.

Stupid wampa.

He flopped down onto the bed and started catching up on the holodramas Leia had loaned him. The door was open.

Blood Brothers - Color Green
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Luke woke up two days later floating in a tank of bacta back at the main base.

Jo's gonna kill me, he thought to himself as he tried to peer out of the glass to see if she was there.

"I told them that it wasn't all that life-threatening," the meddroid said in Luke's earpiece as he was lifted from the tank.

"That's very reassuring," Luke said, wishing he was wearing something more than just his underwear. "What happened?"

"A creature called a wampa tried to eat you, I believe," the droid replied, sounding unimpressed. "Commander Antilles discovered you before you succumbed to the elements."

"...and being eaten," Luke pointed out.

"That as well," the droid agreed, leading Luke to his new bed.

Luke hated clinic beds.

He looked towards the door, hoping for visitors.
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Luke was packing up a travel bag and smiling over at his comlink periodically. Wedge had written--rumor had gotten around about Luke coming back for a visit--and asked if he wanted to be included in an operation the Rogues were heading out on in the next few days.

Seeing Leia and getting to fly in an X-Wing. Luke saw no bad here.

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Luke had his fingers laced through Jo's, no idea where his mask had gone, and more than a couple of glasses of spiked punch.

He tried twice to open the door with his key before bursting out with a fit of the giggles. "You live here, not me!"
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Luke was on the floor painting his new egg son bright orange. Ever now and then he'd sigh and stare up at the ceiling.

"Vladdie, there's really no reason to stay up there," he said.

Vladdie disagreed.

Over in his turtle tank, Yoda was equally upset, but being a turtle, it was tougher to tell.

The door was open.
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After an interesting conversation with his father early in the morning, Luke had gone for a long run.

And then an even longer session alone with the punching bag.

And then he'd tried some meditation.

Now? He'd spread parts to a small droid out all over the floor, back carefully turned away from the half of the room that was supposed to have a Z in it, and fiddled around with electronics.

Loud Corellian rock was blaring from his stereo and out through the open door.

If you asked him? He was fine.
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Luke's hand kept straying back to the lightsaber at his waist as he glanced over at Jo while they walked through the quiet town. "So what are we going to do with him if we find him?" he asked quietly.

I Alone - Live
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Luke was standing in front of Jo's door, holding a large bouquet of flowers in his hands because it gave him something to concentrate on.

This had been a brilliant plan until it was time to knock on the door.

"Dammit," he murmured, shifting them over and rapping gently.


[For le girlfriend]
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Luke, hair sticking up in hundred different directions, finally uncurled himself from around Jo and went in search of coffee.

And aspirin.

And ice.

And his shirt, which he was positive he'd started the evening with.

He opened the door to the hallway and blinked, temporarily blinded by the brightness of the hall lights.

[For them that know who they are...]
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After spending time in the flight sim with John dying over Coruscant, Luke had raced back to the dorms to get ready for his date with Jo.

He checked the inside of the shuttle, not at all surprised to find that it was completely spotless, and poked around a bit with the food replicator.

And then had an argument with Artoo, who was under the mistaken impression he would be joining Luke and Jo on the date. Luke blamed his father for that idea.

He sent Artoo--grumbling electronically--back home, then waited for Jo. He only bounced on his toes a little bit.


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Luke didn't have class today, so he saw absolutely no reason to leave his room.

This decision would've been a lot easier if Artoo hadn't chosen to spend the day there as well, singing "I Think I Love You."

"Yeah, yeah, you're terribly funny," Luke retorted, tossing a pillow at him and staring at the ceiling, still trying to get a handle on the people he'd seen over the weekend, and what he'd figured out about Jaina's version of Han.

He could use a distraction.
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Luke was in his room with the door cracked open a bit as he worked up his courage to deliver the flowers he'd gotten for Jo to her.

Artoo was in the corner letting out squeaks of droid-y amusement as he replayed what he thought of as the greatest hits of Luke's weekend.

Luke wasn't as amused.

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Baker Baker - Tori Amos
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Luke was practicing his Jedi skills.

Or surrounded by glitter and looking frustrated.

It was kind of hard to tell the difference.

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