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Luke finally had a chance to catch his breath -- evacuating bases was always a little busy -- and spun around in his office chair (the door was closed so the rest of the Rogues couldn't see him acting like a kid) before firing up his datapad for the first time in a couple of days.

He typed out a quick message.

Written transmission, yay! )

Five minutes after his email conversation with Jo began, another email went out:

To: The usual suspects
From: Luke Skywalker <farmboy@holonet.com>


[ooc: If you think you got them, you did!]
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After last night's...terrible, terrible experience in the common room, Luke was planning on a nice, relaxing night in his room.

Under his covers.


Artoo, on the other hand, was at Luke's desk making many, many CDs of the performance.

He'd also propped the door open when Luke wasn't paying attention. Evil droid.

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Luke tossed his bag onto his bed as Artoo made concerned little noises and circled around him.

"I'm fine," Luke told him for the hundredth time. "The med droid wouldn't have let me go otherwise." He smiled. "And neither would Jo or Leia. It's just a little scrape."

Artoo let out a low whistle that showed Luke how unconvinced he was about that.

Luke peeked into the mirror. "You can hardly tell," he said, running his finger down the new scars on his face.

Stupid wampa.

He flopped down onto the bed and started catching up on the holodramas Leia had loaned him. The door was open.

Blood Brothers - Color Green
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Luke woke up two days later floating in a tank of bacta back at the main base.

Jo's gonna kill me, he thought to himself as he tried to peer out of the glass to see if she was there.

"I told them that it wasn't all that life-threatening," the meddroid said in Luke's earpiece as he was lifted from the tank.

"That's very reassuring," Luke said, wishing he was wearing something more than just his underwear. "What happened?"

"A creature called a wampa tried to eat you, I believe," the droid replied, sounding unimpressed. "Commander Antilles discovered you before you succumbed to the elements."

"...and being eaten," Luke pointed out.

"That as well," the droid agreed, leading Luke to his new bed.

Luke hated clinic beds.

He looked towards the door, hoping for visitors.
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It turned out that the mission to Mustafar had been kind of a waste of fuel.

It'd taken the folks in Intelligence months to crack the coding around a captured Imperial file that mentioned the planet, so they'd figured that it must have held a weapons cache of some kind.

A dozen snubfighters had blasted into the system to discover...nothing. Well, a lot of volcanoes, but other than that nothing.

"I don't get it," Wes complained when they'd finally landed on Hoth to refuel. "Who puts that much effort into trying to make a planet that boring disappear?"

Luke shrugged, half to keep warm, half in agreement. "Is there a colder spot in the galaxy?" he asked Wedge in an undertone as his teeth beginning to chatter. "Seriously. This is a ball of ice."

Wedge laughed. "You missed the first time we were here," he said. "Bespin's close, too, but it has a nasty Imp infestation we're trying to avoid. Unfortunately Hoth gets better. We have to go out in the cold and put up sensors to make sure no one's sneaking up on us."

Ten voices behind them spoke in unison, "Not it!"

"Sorry, my friend," Wedge said, clapping Luke on the shoulder. "Do you mind?"

"Of course not!" Luke lied, climbing onto a tauntaun and heading outside. "Why would a guy from a planet with two suns mind being sent outside on the coldest planet in the history of anything?" he whined to himself when he was safely out of earshot. He slammed one of the sensors into the snow. "I love it when my nose might fall off."

The wind was blowing in the wrong direction for him to hear the wampa approaching, and the little prickle the Force sent him as a warning was hidden among all of his shivers.

The last thing he saw before everything went black were claws.
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After spending three days being electrocuted (annoying) and getting a wall dropped on him (more annoying), Luke had wanted nothing more than to go home.

So after whining at convincing Katara to let him out of the clinic, he was now sprawled carefully on his bed, trying not to lay on anything that was too bruised (lost cause) and trying to convince Artoo to show him a decent holodrama.

Artoo was insisting that "Tiger!" was a decent holodrama.

[OOC: Door is closed but knockable.]
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Luke was bored.

Bored, bored, bored.

After three days, he was tired of staring at the walls. Tired of staring at the ceiling. Tired of being chained up and electrocuted every time he moved. Stupid being kidnapped.

He used the Force to itch his nose, got shocked, then sighed at the other Jedi. "Any ideas how to get out of this?"
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Luke hated everything.

It wasn't bad enough he'd spent the weekend as some kind of cackling villain, nooooo. He'd managed to kidnap someone who'd turned into his mother, gotten caught by two guys wearing tights and had woken up in jail.

...Where his father had bailed him out, then delivered a lecture loud enough to be heard all over the island as he was dragged back to the dorm by his ear.

He rubbed at it sulkily. "Like I would've kidnapped Padmé if I hadn't been insane," he whined to Artoo. "And why do I need to tell John to update his will?"

He buried his head under his pillow with a sigh, wondering if it was possible to never, ever come out again.

It would have been more effective if Artoo hadn't made sure the door was open.

Won't Give In - The Finn Brothers
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It had been a long, long, long few days.

After getting Anakin back home--he'd absolutely refused to stay near "that cot or that damn Jedi one second longer"--Luke finally returned to his room, closed the door softly, then turned out all the lights, curled up in a tight little ball on his bed and burst into tears.

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Bell, Book and Candle - Eddi Reader
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Luke, hair sticking up in hundred different directions, finally uncurled himself from around Jo and went in search of coffee.

And aspirin.

And ice.

And his shirt, which he was positive he'd started the evening with.

He opened the door to the hallway and blinked, temporarily blinded by the brightness of the hall lights.

[For them that know who they are...]
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Despite his best intentions and his promise to Rikku, Luke still found himself spending a lot more time alone in his room than normal.

He’d discovered that the amount of effort it took to show the rest of the world how Completely Fine he was during the day was exhausting.

It didn’t help that the entire month of August was like navigating a mined asteroid field: still reeling from Rory’s revelation about his parents, the anniversary of Uncle Owen and Aunt Beru’s deaths hit him like a body blow.

Yesterday had been Alderaan Day back home. He’d pushed past his embarrassment and residual anger at Leia to call and check up, only to be greeted with a clipped “I’m fine,” and an “I’m sure you have more important things to be attending to.” The entire conversation had taken longer to connect than to conduct.

He didn’t blame her: he wasn’t exactly the poster boy for dealing well with issues these days. See also: avoiding thinking about the entire issue by spending most of last night in the common room watching mindless television.

He curled his legs up under him, batted away Artoo’s worried attempts to help, and stared off into nothingness. Today was the anniversary of Ben’s death. A few days from now was Biggs’.

Luke was beginning to wonder if the memories of last August were going to crush him entirely.

Skywalkers and their emotions were never exactly what one would call subtle. )

[That Luke have a conversation with himself is FB, who with and what about not so much.]

Let It Be - The Beatles
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Luke was in his room, sleeves up--the gash on his arm was fading rapidly--surrounded by his tool kit and fiddling with Artoo. If it stopped him from dwelling on other things, well, bonus.

Artoo was not entirely thrilled being used as a distraction.

"Try it again, please," Luke said.

Artoo obligingly began to spit back the beginning of "I Know A Song That Gets On Everybody's Nerves."

"It needs to be higher pitched, louder," Luke said, "and more off-key."

The door was open if anyone was wondering what he was up to.
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Luke was covered in glitter.

Luke remembered everything he did last night.

Which was why Luke was also under his bed.

And never, ever coming out again.


Artoo's electronic snickers weren't helping matters either.
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Luke had been tossing restlessly in bed, haunted by his own nightmares of Death Stars and things that might have gone wrong, when the emotions resonating from his father's nightmare jolted him upright in bed gasping and trembling.

"What the hell was that?" he whispered.

He curled up on his bed trying to get his bearings before declaring it a lost cause and padding down the hallway.

He hoped Rory wouldn't mind being awakened like this. He ran his hand through his hair, took a deep breath, tried not to look terrified (it didn't work), and tapped on her door.
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A Jedi does not think, he knows.

Yoda's words rang in Luke's ears as he made his way towards the Imperial stronghold.

He blew out a slow, calming breath, and then approached the nearest Stormtrooper. "I'm here to surrender," he said, spreading his hands.

The Stormtrooper tilted his helmet, clearly confused, then slapped Luke into restraints.

"It's your lucky day, Rebel scum," the trooper told him. "Darth Vader himself is on his way down."

"I know," Luke said quietly. The trooper snorted. "Sure you did," he said.

Luke was gambling everything he had, everything he was, on his belief that his father could come back. He walked into the building with his shoulders straight and his head high.

It was time to see if he was right.

And lo, Return of the Jedi happened. Yeah, all the way to the end. Ye be warned. )

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"Here's the room I was telling you about," Luke said, walking up to Rory's room. "I can break into it and we can have...privacy."

He had plans, you see.

Just not exactly what Rory probably had in mind.


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